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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Image
Strategic Plan Image

Strategic Plan

In the summer of 2015, Spring Hill College’s President, Dr. Christopher Puto, launched an institution-wide strategic planning process. Using situational and data analysis to guide them, more than 40 planning units worked together identify and understand the College’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth and improvement.

The work resulted in the development of ten strategic goals, with more than 130 supporting unit goals. Having received approval of the ten strategic priorities from the Board of Trustees for Spring Hill College at its June meeting, the President and Cabinet have been working to prioritize the plan’s more than 100 unit-based goals for FY 2017. These prioritized unit goals are and will continue to serve as the foundation for our operational efforts coordinated through the Implementation Team.

These strategic goals include:

Goal 1

Build revenue streams and an endowment sufficient to create a thriving institution with resources to fund strategic goals of the College while limiting tuition increases and related costs of a private, undergraduate educational experience to match the published rate of inflation. This ultimately includes the ability to meet full financial need for every student admitted to the College.

Goal 2

Create a working environment committed to ongoing staff development and appropriate compensation, clear communication, collegial governance, collaboration, and the achievement of appropriate efficiencies in delivering the highest quality Jesuit, Catholic educational experience for our students.

Goal 3

Strengthen the Jesuit and Catholic identity of the College through an increased visible presence of Jesuits at the College and through a deepened assimilation of the core values of our Jesuit heritage among students, faculty, staff and trustees of the College.

Goal 4

Achieve a level of alumni engagement with the mission of Spring Hill College equal to that of the highest levels achieved by private U.S. colleges and universities.

Goal 5

Aspire for the highest quality academic program offerings reflecting the values of a Jesuit, Catholic, liberal arts undergraduate residential college and the needs of twenty-first century students with appropriate investments in those programs including adequate funding for ongoing faculty development and compensation including identifying and planning for appropriate resources.

Goal 6

Explore and offer adult education and graduate programs consistent with our Jesuit, Catholic tradition that offer appropriate financial return for the College.

Goal 7

Enroll sufficient appropriately qualified first-year undergraduate students and undergraduate transfer students to fulfill the financial plan for the College each year.

Goal 8

Achieve a first-year retention rate that places Spring Hill among the top 10% of peer private colleges and a four-year graduation rate equal to the 75th percentile of comparable private colleges.

Goal 9

Maintain a physical campus, including infrastructure, information technology, and building updates, that reflects the quality of the educational experience we promote to our students.

Goal 10

Provide a co-curricular experience and environment that complements and enhances the academic experience and includes opportunities for community engagement, social interaction, spiritual growth, a thriving residence life, athletic competition, and discerning a purposeful life.

More Information

Campus users can access more information on the College’s Strategic Plan in the BadgerWeb portal. (login required)

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