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History M m

Bachelor of Arts in History

Understanding the past, and its patterns, enhances our ability to analyze the present and the future. By studying history, we gain a deep and rich understanding of the world and its development over time.

History gives you the cultural background to function effectively in contemporary society. In a globalizing world, history provides you with an in-depth knowledge of societies from the distant past to the contemporary era. It enables you to function as an informed citizen and leader, able to evaluate evidence and make clear, concise, and convincing arguments..

The study of history teaches thinking and writing skills that are critical in a wide range of professions, from law to business to medicine.

Our Careers

  • Archivist
  • Cultural Heritage Officer
  • Cultural Interpreter
  • Diplomat / Foreign Affairs and Trade Officer
  • Historian
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Librarian
  • Museum/Art Gallery Curator
  • Museum Publications Officer/Editor
  • History Teacher
  • Tour Guide
  • Tourism Manager
  • Visitor/Tourism Information Officer

Fast Facts

  • Number of Faculty: 5
  • Popular Second Majors: Education, Business
  • Clubs: History Club


Raven West ’15

I chose Spring Hill because of their academic program and small class sizes. I’ve met so many people who have nothing but the best interest in mind for me. You become part of the community when you come to Spring Hill.

— Raven West ’15

Jaimie Breitweiser ‘16

I love how the professors get you engaged in the class and in the subject by not only telling us how the mind works but also showing us through videos and demonstrations. I love SHC and everything about it, to me, it fits perfectly with what I was looking for in a college experience. I wouldn't change one thing.

— Jaimie Breitweiser ‘16

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