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International Studies M m

Bachelor of Science in International Studies

How does the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process affect the U.S. and other countries? What steps should be taken to convince Iran’s leaders to reign in their nuclear ambitions? Should the U.N.’s work increasingly rely on Gulf aid?

As an international relations major at Spring Hill College, you’ll explore issues like diplomacy, human rights, international conflict, political risk, and foreign policy—examining how and why changes in one country or society can cause ripple effects around the globe.

Our Careers

  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Banking and Finance Executive
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Agricultural Economics Advisor
  • Travel Coordinator

Fast Facts

  • Number of Faculty: 5
  • Emphasis of Program: Culture, Language, Business
  • Clubs: Student Government Association (SGA), Political Science & International Studies Club, Springhillian Newspaper


Taryn Nash ’14

I’ve always been passionate about international relations, but incorporating the social justice aspect of a Jesuit education has motivated to be an active citizen of the world and to be more knowledgeable of issues that affect its people.

— Taryn Nash ’14

Dr. Robert Harding

Through intensive study, research, and discussion, our students learn to identify and analyze complex international problems in their historical, technological, and ethical contexts. In addition, our students analyze complex global issues like human rights, poverty, and cultural intolerance, and are then challenged to produce and communicate creative solutions to these problems.

— Dr. Robert Harding

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