Computer and Science Labs


Biology has, in addition to the regular class laboratories, special laboratories for student and faculty research. Laboratory facilities and special equipment are available for studies in fresh-water or marine field biology, cellular physiology, micro-technique, microbiology, parasitology, invertebrate zoology, instrumentation techniques in physiology, phase microscopy, and plant physiology. A departmental library enables the student to have convenient access to a broad selection of recent biological publications and reference works.

Business and Management

Business and Management classes offer state-of-the-art audiovisual tools, including computer graphics in the classroom, LCD projection televisions, and other visual presentation tools.


Chemistry has four large fully equipped laboratories for general, analytical, organic and physical chemistry. In addition, there are laboratories for student and faculty research and for instrumental analysis. A departmental library gives convenient access to chemical reference works.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts students learn electronic media skills in the discipline's audio production labs and its television studio, while print journalism editing and graphics may be applied in the discipline's newspaper production facility. All students may gain practical media experience working with The SpringHillian, a bi-weekly campus newspaper.

Foreign Languages

To assist in the teaching of courses in French, Italian, Spanish, and other languages, a language lab is equipped with tape recordings, computers, and audio and video machines for use in teaching and training students in the correct pronunciation and rhythm of modern languages. A computer-based multimedia laboratory utilizing CD-ROM, laserdisc, and satellite technology is also available. Students can access tutorials in grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom.


Physics has a laboratory devoted principally to general physics.


Psychology operates an experimental laboratory located in Murray Hall. It has appropriate equipment for human experiments in learning, motivation, perception and social behavior.

Teacher Education

Teacher Education has a curriculum and media laboratory designed to assist students in research and preparation for working in the local schools. The facility includes college, secondary, elementary, and early childhood texts and materials. Filmstrips, kits, video and audio tapes, records, compact discs, and special equipment, including Macintosh and Gateway computers and peripherals, are available for student use.