Admission Process for Non-traditional Students

Applicants may be offered admission to the freshman class on the basis of six or more semesters of high school course work. However, the applicant must, by the time of enrollment, be graduated from an approved secondary school, with a minimum of sixteen high school units, including twelve of an academic nature. (Ordinarily this means four units in English, two in mathematics, two in natural science, two in social science, and two other units in academic areas.)

Application Procedures

In addition to the application form and fee, a student applying for freshman admission must submit:

  1. an official transcript of high school grades covering at least six semesters;

  2. official scores from either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT);

  3. an evaluation of achievement and potential from the high school counselor (using the form provided);

  4. a personal essay.

In some instances, letters of recommendation and a personal interview with a College representative may be requested. All prospective students are encouraged to visit the campus.