Tuition and Fees

At Spring Hill, it is our firm commitment that a well-rounded, Jesuit education should be within reach to all those who desire it. So, we make every effort to make the Spring Hill experience affordable to families in all income ranges through a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Course Fees
Tuition (per credit hour) $450.00
Comprehensive Fee (per credit hour) $25.00
Experiential Learning (per credit hour for portfolio credit petitioned) $80.00
Application Fee (a one-time non-refundable fee) $25.00
Late Registration Fee $25.00
Course Change Fee (after Drop/Add period) $10.00
Commencement Fee (mandatory for all graduates including those graduating in absentia) $220.00
Certificate Fee $90.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Transcripts $10.00
Transcripts (within 24 hours) $25.00
Parking Decal (annually) $50.00
Returned Check Fee $35.00
Diploma Replacement Fee $40.00
Replacement Student ID $30.00
Easy Listening Fee (per credit hour) $50.00
CEU (per unit) $25.00
Online Instruction Support Fee (per fully online course) $95.00
Online Instruction Support Fee (per hybrid course) $45.00

Full information on financial obligations are available in the Spring Hill College Bulletin of Information.

Books are an additional cost.

Specific situations and courses require additional fees, which are indicated on the schedule of classes published by the Office of Continuing Studies.

The College reserves the right to change fees, services, or programs at any time. The tuition rate for the program in which a student is enrolled determines the tuition rate for cross-listed or other special arrangement courses.