Reading and writing are central to the core curriculum of Spring Hill College. Therefore, the lower-division courses in English stress reflective reading and writing. Reading literature gives aesthetic pleasure and leads to a more mature understanding of self and human problems. The student's ability to present these perceptions clearly through writing is the major goal of the Department of English, the final test of the student's abilities to communicate effectively.



The general purposes of the major in English are (1) to increase the student's mastery of written communication; (2) to give him/her cultural literacy through exposure to the great writers of western literature, especially British and American; (3) to develop abilities to interpret written expression independently through skills of critical analysis; (4) to heighten abilities for research and evaluation of conflicting interpretations; and (5) to synthesize and judge excellence with confidence and independence. The major requires eight upper-division courses in the field and two courses in related fields (program electives). Students may concentrate in either literature or drama. When advising students about course selection, advisors will take career plans into consideration. An English major can be used as preparation for graduate, medical, or law school, or for such careers as journalism, public relations, and advertising.

Professional Writing

The major in professional writing is particularly valuable to students planning careers in business, science, commerce, publishing, writing, law, education, and public life. The courses afford students the opportunity to broaden their career opportunities by developing skills and competencies which are useful in professional life.