Fine and Performing Arts

The arts are systems of communication that teach us about human interaction and creativity in problem solving. They challenge our perceptions and teach us to sense and interpret the world around us, and they bring us pleasure.

Students may choose from a variety of courses in art, graphic design, music, and drama. Appreciation and performance-based classes reveal how personal expression can both reflect and change the culture from which it springs, develop creative approaches to problem solving, communicate in profound and exciting ways, and help us all learn what it is to be fully human and alive.


Graphic Design

This major is an exciting addition to the department and the division as it combines a strong background in aesthetic principles, art history and traditional artistic expression with the technical and practical applications within modern communication forms. The graphic design explosion in recent years is directly attributed to the rise of the Internet. and the myriad of new graphic formats that medium allows. The major is designed to allow students to develop skills and enhance their artistic talents, providing them with a firm basis for direct employment opportunities as graphic designers in a multitude of media environments, or for going on to graduate studies in one or more of these areas.

Students will first learn the basic concepts of 2-D, then 3-D design in both drawing and computer formats, as they are simultaneously exposed to the rich history of artistic expression in art history classes. They will also take various courses within the Communication Arts Department to gain familiarity with modern mass media and to strengthen their computer and desktop publishing skills. The advanced courses allow for individual expression and provide real world problems in the execution of assignments that will form the student's portfolio upon completion of the degree. The combination of courses within the two departments will ensure the students majoring in graphic design receive a broad background based in classic design principles but that is executed in modern computer applications. Our eighteen station Mac lab with color laser printer, flatbed and film scanners and the latest graphic software is the primary work space for students in this major.

Performing Arts

The major in theater provides an opportunity to integrate the study of dramatic literature with acting, interpretation, playwriting, directing, or design. It is shaped by an acknowledgment of dramatic texts as designed for performance and theater as an integrative art. The major seeks to lead students into a fuller appreciation and understanding of the genre of drama by insuring a balance of historical, literary, and theatrical approaches to drama. It offers students enough flexibility to pursue special interests within the field. All program majors must work out a long-range plan of study with the program director.

Studio Art and Art Business

Students majoring in Fine Arts programs at Spring Hill have 2 options: Studio Art and Art Business, which open up a variety of career options. Because our programs are pre-professional in nature, some choose to attend graduate school as a first step. Our graduates include professional artists represented in galleries and private collections here and abroad. Some have become art therapists or use art therapy in combination with other counseling methodologies. Some work in galleries or museums. Our graduates have also illustrated books and worked in advertising/graphic design. Other career options include becoming arts managers, working with individual artists and art organizations, and working in other art-related fields, such as interior design.