Foreign Languages

The objectives of the Department of Foreign Languages are to provide students with the opportunity (1) to develop communicative skills in a foreign language and (2) to broaden their aesthetic and intellectual awareness through the study of a foreign literature and culture. The first objective is achieved by means of lower-division courses that may serve as part of the core curriculum. The second objective is attained through the department's upper-division courses, which introduce students to great world writers who have made significant contributions to their particular culture.


Certificate in Foreign Language Proficiency

The purpose of the certificate in French or Spanish language proficiency is to verify that the student has achieved sufficient mastery of the language to use it as an auxiliary skill in future employment or personal endeavors.

Foreign Language Minor

In addition to Hispanic Studies students may study two foreign languages at the advanced level for an interdisciplinary humanities major, with an emphasis on romance languages. Students may also combine one foreign language with studies from one or two other departments (see Interdisciplinary and Other Programs). Students in secondary education may choose French or Spanish as a concentration.

Minor programs are available in French and Spanish. The minor may be beneficial for areas such as international studies, international business, political science, and history.

Students may study courses on several foreign cultures in English. These courses fit as valuable program electives for many major programs. Tutorials and regularly scheduled classes are offered in other languages according to student interest and faculty availability.

Hispanic Studies

The department offers a major program in Hispanic Studies and minor programs in French and Spanish. The department seeks to graduate majors and minors with advanced proficiency in the spoken and written language and a thorough knowledge of its culture(s). The department also strives to provide its students with the analytical, critical, and communicative skills that are fundamental to educated persons. The department seeks as well to give its students a basis for careers in foreign language education, graduate and professional education, and fields requiring foreign language and culture skills.