Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences consists of the departments of history, political science  and law, psychology, and sociology. Students will come to know the issues relevant today as they are investigated in all of the social sciences. Bachelor degrees are granted in history, political science and law, and psychology.

The first year of the social sciences program offers an introduction to the traditional social sciences. This provides a broad perspective on human behavior for the student and also allows the student to make a reasoned choice of the area within the social sciences for a specialization. Students in three of the degree-granting departments complete the same core curriculum requirements.

Intensive work in the department of the student's choice is reserved for the last two years in college. The curriculum is broad enough to prepare students for graduate school and also to interest those who wish to complete their education with the bachelor's degree.



The objectives of the History Department are twofold: introducing to all students the essential background for an educated understanding of the peoples and forces affecting the development of western societies and enlarging upon the introductory courses with a more intensive analysis of social, political, economic, and ideological developments as studied in more concise periods and topical arrangements. The first objective is met through the survey courses that are a part of the College's core curriculum; the second objective is met through the upper-division course offerings.

The department seeks not only to provide a sound program for students who major or minor in history, but also to serve students through courses that complement the liberal arts and college curricula and that contribute to a wide variety of career and educational objectives including graduate and professional programs in history, government, and law.

Throughout, the department seeks to develop the student's historical knowledge, writing abilities, and analytical skills as a contribution to intellectual development.

Political Science and Law

The purposes of the Department of Political Science and Law are to: 1) orient students to the world of politics and teach them to think seriously about it; 2) prepare students for graduate and professional programs in political science, international relations, public administration, and law; and 3) give students the analytical and critical skills they need for successful work.

Pre-Law Minor

The Department of Political Science and Law offers a pre-law minor for those students who intend to pursue a legal career. The pre-law minor is intended to serve both political science majors and others who may want to minor in pre-law. This minor is designed to enhance the three basic skills needed to succeed in law school: creative and analytical thinking, understanding governmental and societal institutions, and the comprehension and use of language.


The Department of Psychology has three goals:

  1. to contribute to the students' liberal education and to help the students learn more about themselves so that they may make effective decisions about their lives;
  2. to prepare students for graduate school if they wish to continue their education; and
  3. to give practical education and field experience to enable students to find jobs in psychology-related fields immediately after obtaining the baccalaureate degree.

A unique feature of the program at Spring Hill is the dual emphasis on personal growth and high standards of academic scholarship.

Sociology Minor

Spring Hill College also offers a minor in sociology. The Department of Sociology seeks to meet the needs of students in the following ways: (1) to assist students in understanding themselves as they participate in human relations, social processes, and social institutions; (2) to provide an understanding of society, groups, and institutions for those students who plan to become professional leaders in the fields of law, criminology, education, social work, personnel, business and industry, and governmental service.