Frequently Asked Questions - Health Services

Students are required to have proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, hepatitis B and tetanus. Students who are at risk for tuberculosis must provide documentation of tuberculosis screening within the past year. High-risk groups are listed on the immunization record.

Students who are ill on campus should go to the Wellness Center, located in Toolen Hall. After 4:30 p.m. weekdays, or on the weekend, students should contact their R.A. who will locate the appropriate professional on-call staff person. The Wellness Center provides medical treatment, counseling services, and a variety of educational programs for all Spring Hill College full-time, part-time, and graduate students.

Schedule an appointment with the Wellness Center nurse or physician to review  the prescription. They will assist by re-writing the prescription or make a referral to local physician for management.

If it is an emergency, parents of a student will be called. Otherwise, the student needs to have signed a release of information form at the Wellness Center to release information about them to anyone, including parents.

Yes. It is mandatory for all full-time Spring Hill College undergraduate students to have health insurance. To waive the student insurance, the student must complete a waiver form. Verification of private insurance is required on the form. All students who do not complete the insurance waiver form are automatically charged for the student health care program.

The campus Wellness Center does not have an outpatient pharmacy. A local pharmacy will be glad to fill the prescription.