Frequently Asked Questions - Living on Campus

Packages should be sent to your student’s box number. He/she will be given a notification that there is a package to be picked up at the post office window. Write down your student’s address before leaving your student on campus.

There is no set time that students are required to return to their rooms. There are, however, visitation hours in place in all residence halls. Visitation hours are 10 a.m. to midnight on Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday

Spring Hill students who are 21 years of age are allowed to consume alcohol if they are in their rooms with the door closed or if they purchase alcohol at a College sanctioned event where a third-party vendor is present. Students under 21 who are found consuming or in the possession of alcohol will be sanctioned through the judicial system.

The school does not tolerate students’ using/possessing illegal drugs.

Each student is different. Some students adjust quickly, and some take time to adjust to campus life. There are a number of activities for students. During orientation students are strongly encouraged to participate in all activities as they are meant to help ease the transition into college.

Parents and students should discuss the student's living habits before he/she comes to campus. Some students get jobs on/around campus. Other students receive a weekly allowance from their parents. There are several local banks located in the immediate area.

Students pay a flat fee of $65 per semester to use the laundry services. Students are allowed to do as much laundry as needed under this plan.

Many students find bikes useful on campus. Cars are not necessary but are allowed on campus.

Due to the prevalence of cellular phone usage, in-room phone service is no longer provided in our residence halls. Students are encouraged to bring a cellular phone with them to campus.

Students requiring special living arrangements will be accommodated to the best of the residence life staff’s ability. Singles are limited and not all requests can be granted. All requests should be accompanied with a recommendation from one’s family physician. Freshmen students are assigned a roommate as it establishes a sense of community.