Portfolio/Challenge Requirements

The RN to MSN Track

The RN to MSN track creates educational and career mobility for registered nurses (RNs) whose highest nursing related academic credential is an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) degree or a nursing diploma.

As a student in the RN to MSN track, you will select the Clinical Nurse Leader major at the time you apply for admission. You will complete undergraduate general education requirements and bridge courses, and then you will begin studies in the MSN Clinical Nurse Leader courses. Upon successful completion of the required courses, you will graduate with an MSN degree.

Portfolio Option for RN to MSN Track Students

The portfolio review process may be available for RN to MSN track students who believe that they have acquired the learning objectives and/or competencies required of a specific RN to MSN bridge course. The portfolio provides objective evidence that students have acquired the content and skills through prior learning and/or practice experiences. The decision to accept the documentation provided is based on determination of the equivalency of this prior learning and/or practice experiences to that which the student would be expected to demonstrate at the completion of a specific RN to MSN bridge course.

Learning outcomes are statements describing what the student has learned and how learning has been applied. The supporting data lists the experience or evidence being submitted to document that the learning outcomes did occur. The text Earn College Credit for What You Know (ISBN: 0787235733), by Lois Lamdin, can be purchased from the Spring Hill College Barnes and Noble Bookstore. A careful reading of this book will provide guidelines for an informal evaluation of individual learning, and assist in preparation of the formal portfolio.

RN to MSN Bridge Courses Eligible for Portfolio Review

Course Hours
NUR 301 Health Assessment 2
NUR 401 Scientific Inquiry 3
NUR 430 Leadership and Management 3

Challenge Option for RN to MSN Track Students

At this time, there is only one challenge exam that students may take, after review of the guidelines and permission from their advisor.  This exam, referred to as the ATI, may be taken for the course NUR 402: Community.

RN to MSN Bridge Courses Eligible for Challenge Exam

Course Hours
NUR 402 Community as Client 3