Post Master's Certificate for Clinical Nurse Leader

The Post-Master's Certificate for Clinical Nurse Leader is designed for a registered nurse who has earned a master's degree in another nursing specialization and wishes to be eligible to take the CNL certification exam. To be granted the post-master's certificate, students must complete a minimum of nineteen (19) credit hours in residency at Spring Hill College including 460 clinical integration hours.

Post-Master's CNL students must successfully complete graduate didactic and clinical requirements of the Master's CNL program. Required courses for the Clinical Nurse Leader Post-Master's Certificate include:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
NUR522 Academic Clinical Residency
(300-hour clinical immersion experience)
NUR523 The Clinical Nurse Leader Project 2
NUR513 Theoretical Foundations for Leadership 3
NUR515 Advanced Pharmacology* 3
NUR516 Advanced Health Assessment*
(40-hour clinical immersion experience)
NUR517 Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice* 3
NUR520 Clinical Outcomes Management
(60-hour clinical immersion experience)
NUR521 Care Environment Management
(60-hour clinical immersion experience)

Students may transfer up to 9 credit hours of required coursework with the approval of the graduate faculty.

*Indicates course may be transferred from previously earned master's degree.

NUR514 - Applied Research and Evidence-Based Practice; NUR518 - Health Policy; and PHL501 - Ethics in Healthcare may also be part of the program of study for students who have not completed equivalent graduate-level coursework as part of a previous master's degree.