Certificate Programs in Theology

The department of theology and ministry is pleased to offer a variety of specialized certificate programs. Some of the certificates are designed especially for clergy, religious and lay ministers, who seek a deeper grounding in a particular area of ministry: liturgy, spirituality, spiritual direction or faith companioning, while others are designed to offer the challenge of serious theological reflection or as professional or personal enrichment.  The certificates may be pursued either on a graduate or undergraduate level.  Some certificate programs may be completed in conjunction with a degree program.

Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS)

Designed for students who have not completed a college degree, the CTS has the same requirements as the MTS program but completed at the undergraduate level.  Students not residing in the Mobile metropolitan area can earn a BA degree from Spring Hill College by completing the CTS and taking the remaining courses at a local institution.

Certificate of Spiritual Direction / Faith Companioning (CSD)

This certificate is designed especially for clergy, religious and lay persons with theological preparation, who seek a deeper grounding in this ministry. Course work includes four semesters plus courses completed during the Summer Institute of Christian Spirituality. The CSD may be completed in conjunction with the Master of Pastoral Studies program for students who would like to earn a degree. 

The Certificate of Faith Companioning is designed for those who wish to share faith and prayer with others along the journey of spiritual growth, but do not have the vocation of being a spiritual director.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the program ecumenical?

    Yes, very much so. While rooted in the Catholic tradition of theology and of church, spirituality is also the area of theology in which the common ground of Christian faith is most clearly discovered.

  • Certificate of Spiritual Direction - Is this program offered online?

    The certificate of Spiritual Direction is offered in an in-class, cohort format.  A few of the classes will have an on-line component, but the bulk of the program requires in-class meetings.  Cohorts and all classes are available in both Mobile, AL and Atlanta, GA.