Master of Arts in Theology (MA)

The Master of Arts in Theology degree program requires forty-five credit hours: thirteen graduate level courses and a research thesis. This degree allows for further concentration beyond the M.T.S.  or M.P.S. degree in one particular area chosen by the student (e.g., Biblical, Spiritual, Moral, etc.) and includes an extensive research project concluding in a thesis paper (60-100 pages long).

For students completing their M.T.S or M.P.S in residency, nine additional hours of course work in the concentration area and a six-hour thesis must be completed. Formal admission to the thesis requires demonstration of reading competency in an appropriate foreign language and successful completion of the M.A. comprehensive examination. Application to the M.A. program will be accepted only after successful completion of the M.T.S. or M.P.S. comprehensive exams.

Transfer students with an M.T.S. or equivalent degree, like a M. Div., from another college may also build on their degree to attain the M.A., with a residency requirement (minimum hours taken through Spring Hill College) of twenty-one hours. Students with the M.T.S. or equivalent transfer degree must complete all requirements for the M.A. degree within four calendar years of initial enrollment.