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TEDx Spring Hill College

It’s easy to think big-picture. It’s in our nature to simply accept the obvious, to read a newspaper headline and skip the article. We’re all going through the motions, forgetting that the unseen components of life are often the most important. Still, we wonder: what if we remembered? What if we looked deeper?

This spring, TEDxSpringHillCollege invites you to look beyond the surface of everyday life into the elements that make up its foundation. Discover the beauty of these connections and the intricate ways they each shape your view of our world. Peer into the depths of science, technology, language, business, and every field of study imaginable to find deeper meaning than what meets the eye. Explore your own experiences—your job, your hobbies, your interests—with renewed appreciation, unearthing insight in the most unlikely places. Go deeper.

Apply today to speak at our one-of-a-kind TEDx event on November 4, 2018. Applications open on February 19 and close on April 2.

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