Will McDonough ’01 and fiancée in Top 4 Couples of “Today Show hosts a Martha Stewart Wedding”

Mon, 08/20/2007 (All day)

By Caroline Alvarez

Will McDonough ’01 and fiancée Beth Bethea were recently chosen as one of the top four couples in the “Today Show hosts a Martha Stewart Wedding” competition. The pair – high school sweethearts – began their adventure to the top four only when reunited after 10 years of wondering “what if.” 

McDonough ’01, a real estate attorney for Sinclair, Inc., and Bethea, a dermatology physician assistant, rekindled their high school romance two years ago when McDonough’s sister discovered Bethea was also living in the Miami area. 

After getting engaged in June 2007 the couple decided to try out for the Today Show’s “Martha Stewart Wedding.” Bethea had seen the Today Show’s segment on “The Running of the Brides” and was interested in applying. After discussing the idea with McDonough, Bethea entered the competition when the Today Show came to Miami. 

One week after engaging in a phone interview, the couple received a call congratulating them on making it into the top eight. One week later a film crew gathered in Naples, Fla., to learn more about the couple and their romance. The rapid series of interviews finally led them to the final four.  On Wednesday, Aug. 15 the couple performed live on the Today Show.  Their performance was a wedding-themed spin-off of the Spartan Spirit cheerleaders from “Saturday Night Live.” 

While at Spring Hill College McDonough began realizing his one mistake. “I found out what an amazing person Beth had become and kept kicking myself for losing touch,” he said.

Several years later fate would step in for the couple. “It was electric, like lighting struck,” McDonough said of his reunion with Bethea. “Before I ran into her I didn’t believe this could really happen. I thought this type of story was only for books and movies and not real life.”

“The Great American Love Story” is what they have become in the hearts of all America.  Voting will end on Monday, Aug. 20, at 5 p.m. EST.  A live announcement of the winner will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 22 on the Today Show.  To vote for the couple and learn more about their adventure into the top four, visit http://www.nbcnews.com/id/13083094/