Lindsey Frechou ’14: Journalist of Faith

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 3:15pm
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Since career day in the fourth grade, Lindsey Frechou knew she wanted to be a writer for a Catholic newspaper. This summer, the Spring Hill senior is realizing her dream.

After years of applying for an internship with the Clarion Herald, which represents the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the English and journalism major was chosen from many students across the country to work as a 2013 young adult columnist.

“Basically, every summer I would send in my resume to the Herald, but I didn't have quite enough experience until I got to college and took some of the upper-level writing and design courses,” said Frechou. “Finally, this summer, they were looking for an intern, and by the grace of God, I was selected. It's been such a wonderful learning experience.”

Stuart Babington, associate professor of communication arts, has watched Frechou hone her abilities since her freshman year at Spring Hill. "Lindsey approaches her work with the guiding principle of her Catholic faith. A journalist of faith, to be professional, must be able to write objective news stories without beating the audience over the head with their own personal beliefs,” said Babington. “I've been impressed that her columns are very balanced. She tells both sides of the issue and applies reason to each before finally revealing which side she supports."

Frechou, a devout Catholic, said her 2012 internship with Students for Life of America in Washington, D.C. helped solidify her desire to work full-time in the Pro-Life movement. While in the nation’s capital, Frechou worked in a crisis pregnancy center and interned with Congressman Ben Quayle (R-AZ, 2011-2013).

Dr. Stephen Wilson, professor of theology, added that Frechou’s dedication and faith shine through both inside and outside the classroom. “Lindsey is an absolute delight. She has a great work ethic and a friendly and engaging personality, including an understated sense of humor,” said Dr. Wilson. “I especially love having her in my theology courses. She’s a theology minor and takes the subject as seriously as I do!”

On campus, the Slidell, La., native has enjoyed volunteering for 2B Choices for Women, a local crisis pregnancy center in Mobile, a project coordinated through Spring Hill College’s Foley Center. “It’s undoubtedly been one of the best opportunities I've had as a student,” said Frechou. “I help in the office with donations and answer the phone, but more importantly, I’m able to counsel women facing crisis pregnancies.”

Frechou currently serves as president of Phi Mu fraternity and is a member of Spring Hill Students for Life. She is also the recipient of the Nan Altmayer Scholarship, awarded to two rising seniors each year. The scholarship covers to tuition and fees for a student’s final year at Spring Hill.

“The scholarship has been such a blessing to both my family and me,” she said. “I think is truly a testimony to the willingness and desire Spring Hill and its alumni have to help their students.”

Dr. Margaret Davis, professor of English and writing, added that Frechou truly reflects the ideals of the Spring Hill mission. “I love having Lindsey in my classroom because she brings freshness to whatever we are reading or discussing,” said Davis. “Her point of view is a truly Jesuit perspective that brings reason associated with a spiritual vision and a concern for social justice.”

Looking to the future, Frechou is exploring several different career options. “I know that I have a strong passion and calling to work in the Pro-Life movement,” said Frechou. “It'd be really neat to eventually write for a Pro-Life publication such as LiveAction, spend some time working in a maternity home with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or even an adoption agency.”

Babington believes Frechou will have success in any field she decides to pursue. "I join a lot of SHC professors, I think, who would like to proudly boast about having played a key role in the development of Lindsey's talents,” said Babington. “But in reality, she was this strong when she came to Spring Hill. We've just had the privilege of watching her hone her skills."