Must-Know Mid-Semester Tips! Aislinn Shevlin ’14

Mon, 10/07/2013 - 10:45am
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It’s hard to believe it’s already midway through Spring Hill’s 2013 fall semester. Here’s hoping you’re enjoying the extra-long weekend! This mini-break is a great chance to catch up on reading, sleeping, and spending time with family and friends. 

It’s also the perfect time to absorb this stellar advice from SHC senior Aislinn Shevlin! Read on for tips on surviving, thriving, and loving your years on THE HILL!

– Don’t be so dramatic about grades

Put things in perspective before you freak out about one missed quiz or one bad paper.  Your grade is made up of a lot of different components so don’t think that one misstep means you should drop a course or drop out of college.

– Don’t ask your professors questions that can be answered by reading your syllabus.

They’re very touchy about their syllabi.

– Professors actually want students to visit their office hours

Whether it’s to continue a class discussion or ask a question about an assignment, professors love to see students take a genuine interest in their studies.  Though it can seem intimidating at first, I promise you will never regret going to a professor’s office.  It will only benefit you. 

– Don't sweat seconds…or fifths at the caf

You’re not alone and it beats the sad packages of ramen in your room

You’re probably going to gain weight, but it’s not a big deal

Hello, unlimited food, a lot of which is fried!  It’s totally normal to gain weight the first semester, just don’t start adopting a totally sedentary lifestyle too.  College is about balance, nutrition and otherwise. 

– Cancel your Netflix subscription

Trust me on this, it’s a slippery slope.

– You’re not going to be friends with everyone

The allure of having hundreds of new friends fades fast, seriously.  Continue to be open and friendly but don’t expect that everyone you meet is going to turn into a close friend.  Work on forming authentic relationships with a few people rather than sending a hundred new friend requests on Facebook daily.

– Showing school spirit is more than just throwing up badger claws in a picture with your friends

Get involved, go to games, and cheer on your friends.  It takes such little effort and it makes such an impact on your experience here. 

– Embrace the fresh start

The clean slate of college can seem sort of daunting if you were an over-achiever in high school, but it’s an opportunity to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.  College isn’t about being the president of twelve clubs; it’s about finding that one club or outlet that really matters to you and putting all of your energy into it. 

– Find your niche, find yourself

Rather than focusing on major or minor, grad school or job, figure out what it is you like and enjoy doing and do that.  It might take a semester, it might take three years, but it’s worth it.  You can study whatever, join whatever, and do whatever you want.  It’s up to you to forge a path here, make it your own.

Long Islander Aislinn Shevlin ’14 is a double major in English and Creative Writing. This semester, Aislinn is working in the Spring Hill College Office of Advancement as an intern and serving as a SHC Ambassador. Shevlin’s been editor of the Springhillian, The Motley, and the campus and peace and justice magazine, PAX. Aislinn was also the recent recipient of Spring Hill’s creative writing award. Her current career aspirations include working in a creative and collaborative setting—possibly involving TV or media writing.