Stephanie Prescott ’15 ~ Just Do It!

Mon, 06/09/2014 - 2:30pm
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When business analyst Stephanie Prescott isn’t traveling internationally, training new employees, or handling projects for Airbus Americas Engineering, Inc., she’s hitting the books—studying finance, economics, and statistics. Prescott, a Spanish Fort, Ala., native who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from SHC in 1999, recently decided to return to the Hill to pursue her master’s degree in business administration.

“It’s a challenge to balance it all,” says Prescott. “My job takes me all over the globe, and it’s been a huge help that my professors understand and work with my schedule. My husband, Andrew, is also a major support; without his help, I wouldn’t have made it this far in my studies. In addition, managing my time is crucial. On the weekend, I have a schedule and study goals—and I stick to it.”

Prescott, who also holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, explains that the choice to pursue her MBA at Spring Hill College was an easy one.

“I feel that my undergraduate education has been a large part of my success in the job market,” says Prescott. “Spring Hill doesn’t just focus on teaching subject matter relative to a student’s major. My professors really focus on creating well-rounded adults who can think critically, apply concepts, and communicate effectively.”

Prescott has particularly enjoyed taking classes with Dr. James Larriviere, associate professor of economics and finance at Spring Hill College.

“Not only does Dr. Larriviere have enthusiasm for his subject matter, but his managerial economics class is structured to be a benefit to the real-world,” says Prescott. “I have already been able to apply what I learned in that class to my job. In addition, though Dr. Larriviere is challenging, his expectations are realistic. Assignments are not so time-consuming that a student can’t balance family life, work, and graduate school.”

“I am very fortunate to teach and work with graduate students like Stephanie,” says Dr. Larriviere. “The experience Stephanie accumulated in her professional endeavors enhanced the learning experience for everyone in the Managerial Economics course. Through in-depth discussions in class and online interactions with classmates, Stephanie developed a keen understanding and appreciation of the ‘economic way of thinking.’”

As a business analyst for Airbus Americas Engineering, Inc., Prescott handles many complex tasks, including managing and reporting company-wide travel costs, coordinating cost allocations for work performed in the organization, maintaining the technical functioning of multi-user databases, and reviewing data and data-mining to ensure accuracy. During her tenure at Airbus, Prescott has received numerous peer and “spot” awards for driving innovation, exceptional performance, and teamwork.

“My personal philosophy—with my career and graduate school—is to keep learning and challenging myself to go a little further, do a little more, or raise the bar a little higher,” says Prescott. “I am a ‘no excuses’ kind of girl, and I love to run. I have adopted Nike’s slogan “Just do it,” and I often say this to myself when I need some extra motivation.”

Prescott also draws inspiration and enthusiasm from Spring Hill College’s faculty and staff. She particularly enjoys the campus’s small class sizes and one-on-one attention.

“Everyone on the Hill is accessible, friendly, understanding, and compassionate,” says Prescott. “My professors are willing to work with me to make my education a success—and find solutions when exceptions due to work or family are necessary. It doesn’t feel impossible to earn a degree, even though there are many commitments off campus.”

Prescott expects to graduate with her MBA in May of 2015. When she’s not working or studying, Prescott enjoys running, traveling, and cooking. She lives in Daphne, Ala., with her husband, Andrew, and Brandy, their 5-year-old retired greyhound rescued from the Mobile Greyhound Park.