Institutes and Retreats

The Summer Institute of Christian Spirituality (SICS)

Spring Hill College is proud to offer the Summer Institute of Christian Spirituality each June.  The format of the Institute is two, one-week sessions, each offering a variety of courses for participants to choose from. The Summer Institute offers a unique blend of academic challenge and spiritual enrichment, specifically designed for adults seeking to deepen their faith and to explore the vast traditions of Christian spirituality. The curriculum is made up of a series of one-credit courses in one-week sessions, studying a variety of spiritual masters and mystics, along with biblical, liturgical and social themes. Graduate, undergraduate, continuing education or audit credit may be earned during the Institute. The academic coursework is enhanced by the cultivation of a faith community, through daily liturgical prayer and personal sharing. While rooted in Catholic theology, the program is fully ecumenical and welcomes persons of all faiths.

Silent Directed Retreat

A silent, individually directed retreat is offered on the SHC Mobile campus each year preceding the Summer Institute of Christian Spirituality. Retreatants may choose an 8-day or 5-day period. The retreat follows the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Faculty, graduates and interns of the Certificate of Spiritual Direction program will act as directors for the retreat.

Christus Theological Institute

The Christus Theological Institute is a response to need and hunger for a theological enrichment of faith on the part of the clergy and laity of the Christian churches of our area. Its objective is to promote a reflective deepening and broadening of the search for God in our Christian tradition. Through the Institute, we are creating a truly ecumenical network of different communities.

Mobile Christian Jewish Dialogue

Founded in 1975, the Mobile Christian Jewish Dialogue is the oldest continuously running Christian-Jewish Dialogue in the nation.  The Dialogue evolved from personal encounters in one another's living rooms to discuss and share aspects of Jewish and Christian life, to presenting nationally and internationally known speakers.  Spring Hill College invited the Dialogue to pursue institutional affiliation with the College in the fall of 2005. For more information, please contact the theology department at (251) 380-4458.


Trialogue of Mobile is a grassroots organization that brings Muslims, Jews, and Christians together several times a year for face-to-face dialogue.  Trialogue was formed in 2009 and has had great success in bringing increased mutual understanding for the adherents of the three Abrahamic religions.  For more information, please contact the theology department (251) 380-4458.