Special Summer Tuition Rates

Enroll in one of 90 Spring Hill College summer classes and enjoy a significantly reduced tuition rate of $425 per credit hour.* Summer sessions include day, evening, and online classes, providing flexibility and a wide range of options for students. 

Classes are open to current and prospective Spring Hill College students as well as the general public. Most credits are fully transferable to other institutions.

During the summer session, students may fulfill one year of a foreign language, English, math or science requirements. Students with special interests may focus more intensely on a chosen area, such as business or communications.

Spring Hill also welcomes academically prepared high school students. Rising juniors and seniors may earn college credit and experience college life.

This summer's offerings include an expanded list of dozens of online courses to enable you to continue earning credits on or off campus.

*The standard Spring Hill College tuition rate is $975 per credit hour.

Registration Process

For all registrants

Send all required letters and forms to the address below, along with a $25 application fee. When all required materials are received, you will receive a letter of confirmation with directions for completing registration.

For current Spring Hill students

  • Registration for summer classes is available through BadgerWeb – have your advisor add clearance for the Summer 2015 term while you are being advised for Fall 2015
  • Please pay close attention to the Summer terms (sub sessions) and sections when you register, as there may be multiple sections of some courses.
  • You may only add or cancel a course during the add/drop window for that term/sub session. It is your responsibility to make adjustments to your schedule within the published dates.
  • You will need to complete a Course Change Form (available at www.shc.edu/registrar) for all withdrawals. Have the form signed by the professor and your advisor and take the form to the Registrar’s Office; otherwise, you will receive an “F” for the course.
  • If you plan on living on campus or purchasing a meal plan, you should contact the Housing Office at (251) 380-3026.

For students enrolled in another college/university

  • Complete the Transient Application/Registration Form (below)
  • Mark "transient" for category of enrollment
  • Have an academic official from your institution complete the recommendation section and sign the form

For graduating high school seniors admitted to a college/university for Fall 2015

  • Complete the Transient Application/Registration Form (below)
  • Mark "other" for category of enrollment and write in "Admitted to _____________ College/University"
  • Include a copy of your admission letter

For High School Juniors and Seniors

  • Choose no more than three courses from the Summer Schedule
  • Complete the Transient Application/Registration Form (below)
  • Mark "other" for category of enrollment and write in High School Program
  • Have your principal (or counselor) sign the application form
  • Obtain written permission from a parent or legal guardian
  • Ask your high school counselor to write a letter of recommendation

Please note: the appropriate prerequisite academic background is required to enroll in a particular course.

2015 Summer Tuition and Fees


Undergraduate tuition $425 per credit hour
Comprehensive fee $24 per credit hour

Online Technology Fee (per fully online course)
                                          (per hybrid course)

$100 per course
$50 per course
Room and Board
(available for mini terms and summer 3)

20 meal block plan (no Badger bucks)

Flex dollars are also available

Housing $22 per day

Graduate tuition

Transient_App_Reg 2013.pdf94.91 KB