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Claire Oswald '17

Health Science

JRS Action Team Founder

Leading in Service

Claire Oswald, a native of New Orleans, is graduating as a health sciences major with a psychology minor and simply cannot choose only one favorite professor from her four years on The Hill.

When she arrived at Spring Hill College, she had different plans for her post-graduate life – expecting to graduate as a pre-med student and to enter a physician assistant program. Spring Hill, however, helped her change her future path. “Through experiences such as participation in the International Service Immersion Program (ISIP) and the Italy Center, I discerned a career in occupational therapy. Once a major in health sciences was offered at Spring Hill, I automatically switched because I knew it would give me greater opportunities toward my goal of entering the field of occupational therapy.” She adds that she is “so grateful for Spring Hill for changing my outlook and allowing me to see my true calling.”

“Spring Hill has allowed me to see how I can make service a part of my everyday life and has given me the confidence to make that a reality.”

Claire’s vocational discernment experience also helped her recognize her natural leadership abilities, although this realization surprised her. Claire was responsible for spearheading the formation of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Action Team, a new student organization. Additionally, she is an active member of Phi Mu sorority, the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and the Psi Chi international honor society in psychology. “I had never expected to grow into a leadership role, but I am indebted to Spring Hill for giving me that confidence.”

She hopes to be remembered as someone who truly cares for others and for her ability to make others smile. What will be on her mind as she walks down The Avenue to participate in commencement exercises on May 6? “I will most likely be thinking about the person I have become and the people who have shaped me. I have gained a fiery passion for serving others and making the world a better place. I will most likely be feeling a sensation of pride and a little bit of sadness as I leave this wonderful place that has given me so much more than I could have expected.”

Claire’s next plan is to complete her education in occupational therapy at Washington University in St. Louis, and both the new location and journey excite her. She reflects on her time here, saying, “I have developed my own beliefs and passions and, more importantly, I have learned how to advocate for those beliefs. Spring Hill has allowed me to see how I can make service a part of my everyday life and has given me the confidence to make that a reality.”

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