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Maggie Browning '17

English and History

Phi Mu Sister

Building lifelong friendships and embracing unexpected paths

Maggie Browning followed in her siblings’ footsteps, which led her directly to Spring Hill College after graduating from McGill-Toolen Catholic High School in Mobile. She says The Hill already felt like home when she arrived but she has learned over the past four years that Spring Hill will be with her well after she leaves this campus for the University of Alabama School of Law.

Maggie says she chose to attend Spring Hill College because of its religious affiliation and “how the college aims to educate each student as a well-rounded individual who is ready to be a part of the world after graduation.” She described the sense of community at Spring HIll, saying, “it is tightly-knit and truly feels like a second home, and I know that this school is unlike any other in that its small size and individualized faculty attention will continue to have positive effects on me for years to come.”

Double-majoring in English and history, Maggie is no stranger to honor societies on campus. She belongs to the Jesuit society of Alpha Sigma Nu, Sigma Tau Delta for English majors and the Phi Alpha Theta history honor society. Maggie is a member of Phi Mu sorority, which she credits for providing her the opportunity to grow as a leader on The Hill. “These women, who have become my closest friends, have taught me so much about myself and what it means to hold yourself to a higher standard. This experience has shown me what it means to grow outside of academics.”

“I am a much more well-rounded individual because SHC has given me amazing opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Although Maggie was familiar with the SHC Italy Center, study abroad was one experience she did not expect to have during her time at Spring Hill. At the persuasion of those who knew her best, however, she decided to spend a semester of her junior year in Bologna. “It was one of my greatest experiences in college! The places I went, the experiences I had and the outlook I acquired allowed me to widen my perspective and experience cultures that I would have never otherwise encountered.”

As Commencement draws near and Maggie thinks about her final walk down the Avenue of the Oaks, she says she will be thinking mostly about how much she has grown since seeing Spring Hill through her siblings’ eyes and then, finally, enjoying her own student experience on The Hill. “I am a much more well-rounded individual because SHC has given me amazing opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. I will also be thinking about how thankful I am for the relationships I have made during my time at Spring Hill.”

As for her future, Maggie says, “the best part about my life after school that I am most excited about will be figuring out how to utilize what I have learned at Spring Hill in the way that will be the most fulfilling for myself while also benefiting others.”

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