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Break and Closing Information

Residence Hall Closing

Christmas Break

The residence halls on campus close during Christmas Break and all students are required to leave campus within 24 hours of their last final exam. All students must leave campus for Christmas break by 12:00pm on December 10, 2016. Students who do not leave campus by this time may be subject to an improper check-out fee and/or judicial action. The residence halls will reopen on Saturday, January 7, 2017.

During Christmas Break the college and campus offices close for the holidays. It is important that students bring important items, such as wallets, passports, medications, etc. with them as students and staff members will not be able to retrieve items left in residence halls due to the college being closed during the holiday break. However, students are able to leave their possessions in their residence hall rooms. Prior to leaving for Christmas Break, all students should:

  • Take valuables home (Computers, jewelry, etc).
  • Take medications, passports, wallets, drivers licenses, and keys home.
  • Remove items from the floor in case of water leaks (including carpets).
  • Unplug and defrost micro-fridges.
  • Unplug all appliances to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Clear door of door tags and other removable items.
  • Close and draw all blinds.

All residence areas are closed during the winter break and occupancy is strictly forbidden. Residence life staff will enter each room during this period to monitor fire safety compliance and secure all areas.

Moving-Out in May

All students are required to completely move out of their residence halls within 24 hours of completing their last final exam. All non-graduating students must be completely moved-out of their residence halls no later than 12:00pm on May 4, 2017. All graduating seniors must be completely moved- out of their residence halls no later than 6:00 pm on May 6, 2016. Failing to leave by the designated departure time may result in disciplinary action and a significant fine, commensurate with the amount of time a student has been on campus when they should not have been.

During the closing of the residence halls in the spring it is important that students plan ahead for storage and transportation needs. At this time, residence hall rooms must be returned to move-in condition and rooms must be cleared of all personal items, non-college furniture, and garbage. We strongly encourage students to begin packing their rooms early and to start transporting winter items they no longer as they travel home for spring break. Graduating seniors are also encouraged to pack ahead and have their vehicles loaded and packed the day prior to graduation as the festivities will keep students occupied for most of the morning of graduation.

The Office of Residence Life also strongly encourages students to notify friends, family, financial institutions, etc. of their summer mailing address. Mail is not forwarded during summer break and any mail received will be kept in the student’s mailbox until the beginning of the next academic year.

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