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Current Student Housing Selection

Each spring currently enrolled students are given the opportunity to participate in the Housing Lottery in order to select his/her desired living option. In order to assure fairness during this process the Housing Lottery is randomized and students will receive a randomized lottery number which will determine their selection time and spot in the process.

Apartment Lottery

Students looking to live in the Fairways Apartments or Portier Place will need to participate in the Apartment Lottery. This process will occur immediately prior to General Housing Lottery and will be made available to students who will have achieved senior standing by the end of the spring semester. Please note that senior standing is determined as having completed 94 credit hours.

In order to participate in the Apartment Lottery, students must form same-gender roommate groups that match the available spaces in each apartment. For example, students wishing to live in the Fairway Apartments must be in groups of 4, those wishing to live in Portier Place must form groups of either 2, 3, or 4 students depending on the desired apartment. Students will only be able to select an apartment if their roommate group size matches the occupancy of the apartment. During Apartment Lottery, only groups of students who all hold senior status will be allowed to participate.

Pod Lottery

A limited amount of pods in Skip’s Place will be made available for students who wish to live in a group of 5 or 7. This process will open following the Apartment Lottery and will be based of of an application system. If approved, the students on the application will be placed in the designated pods and will not need to participate in the General Housing Lottery.

General Housing Lottery

Following the Apartment and Pod Lotteries, General Housing Lottery will commence. At this point any remaining apartments and all other rooms available to non-first year students will be made available. The General Housing Lottery is prioritized by entrance year and then randomized within this student pool.

During General Housing Lottery students will be able to select rooms based on available spaces and form roommate groups accordingly. Please note that students will need to form roommate groups that match the occupancy of available spaces. For example, students will need to form groups of 4 in order to select a New Hall double suite, groups of 2 for a New Hall single suite, and groups of 2 for double occupancy rooms in O’Leary Hall, Mobile Hall, and Skips Place.

Students will be emailed their randomized lottery number and selection time prior to General Housing Lottery beginning. If a student is in a roommate group, the best lottery number and selection time amongst the group will be the time that group may select a room. Students will be able to view available spaces throughout the General Housing Lottery process.

The Office of Residence Life strongly encourages all students to have several housing and roommate options in mind. Depending on each student’s lottery number, his/her preferred option may no longer be available. Should a student not select a room during the General Housing Lottery, for whatever reason, they will be placed by the Office of Residence Life in remaining available spaces following the close of the General Housing Lottery.

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