Albert S. Foley, S.J. Community Service Center

Foley Center

The Foley Community Service Center places students at programs where they can serve others and learn about community needs at the same time. Service opportunities include tutoring at middle schools and elementary schools; teaching English as a second language; working with hospice, clinic, and hospital patients; and serving at community centers and the Boys & Girls Club.

All these programs give students a concrete way to help another person, to know a person they might never meet otherwise, and take responsibility for the world they live in.

The following documentary follows SHC students during their service-learning projects teaching poetry and chemistry at Pillans Middle and Spencer-Westlawn Elementary Schools in Mobile, Alabama. This video was produced with the great aid and support of the wonderful students, faculty, and administration of these schools.
Special thanks to the SHC Communication Arts Department and Dr. Kathleen Orange, Foley Center Director
Produced by Tom Loehr and Kathleen Orange 
Principal Photographer/Editor: Tom Loehr
Equipment Supervisor and Coordinator: Johnny L. Stevens
The project was funded by a generous grant from The Stonish Foundation