New Hall

Image of New Hall

Upper class students

Opened in 2005, New Hall houses 222 residents, arranged in a mix of single and double rooms, separated by a bath between each pair. The hall is three stories high on the west side and four stories high on the east side. Other features include a laundry facility, a piano, and multiple common spaces.

Each of the residence halls/apartments is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a laundry facility. Rooms are furnished with an extra long twin bed, dresser, desk (or dresser/desk combination) and chair for each person. All residence halls are smoke free! Residents are encouraged to furnish their rooms to reflect personal tastes. You and your roommate may wish to plan your room décor together after you arrive on campus. You should observe the regulations in the Student Handbook concerning permissible room furnishings and consult the residence hall staff if you have any questions.