Toolen Hall

Image of Toolen Hall


Toolen Hall houses 98 freshmen and is named in honor of Bishop Thomas Toolen, who served as Bishop of Mobile from 1927 to 1969. Each double-occupancy room is approximately 16' x 15'6''. Toolen features a large community lounge with wireless internet access, vending, a pool table, ping-pong, and HDTV on the 1st floor plus two additional study lounges.

Toolen Hall is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a laundry facility. Rooms are furnished with an extra long twin bed, dresser, built-in closet, desk and chair for each person. Each room has a cable TV jack and two internet ports. Residents are encouraged to furnish their rooms to reflect personal tastes and are encouraged to speak to roommates about room furnishings before arrival on campus.  Additional information about what items are allowed and not allowed in the residence halls are available in the Student Handbook  on the Student Conduct webpage.