"The result of human procreation, from the first moment of its existence, must be guaranteed that unconditional respect which is morally due to the human being in his or her totality and unity as body and spirit."

Pope John Paul II: The Gospel of Life



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Teachings of the Magisterium on Abortion A couple of dozen decuments and letters

Abortion National Conference of Catholic Bishops webpage

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Abortion and Ethics Provides: 1. internet links relating to abortion; 2. survey of philosophical work on abortion; 3. summaries of recent articles on abortion; 4. discussion topics and term paper topics on abortion

Abortion access: All sides of the issue From the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Definitions of terms. The Key Question: When does life become human life? Stages of Fetal Development. What Does the Bible say about abortion?Historical Beliefs of the Christian Church. What are American Public Opinions on Abortion?. Laws Restricting Abortion. D&X or Partial Birth Abortion. Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. Fetal vs. Mother's Rights. Link Between Abortions and Breast Cancer. The "FACE" law. Some Facts and Opinions About Abortion: (abortion data, trends, post-abortion depression, RU-486 pill, clinic violence, does the fetus feel pain?, abortion for genetic reasons). How to Get Help if You Have a Crisis Pregnancy. Abortion Information Resources. Participate in a pro-life/pro-choice survey

World Abortion Policies, 1999 From the United Nations Population Division, Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis

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