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"It is utterly intolerable for Catholics to restrict themselves to the position of mere observers."
Pope John XXIII, 1959 Christmas Broadcast

Acts of Dignity Versus Acts of Humiliation Article by Jim Allaire of the Catholic Worker house in Winona, Minnesota.

Parish Social Justice A variety of resources to help parishes and individual Catholics learn more and do more in the arena of social justice.

How to Do Advocacy Courtesy of the Viva Network

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service

Preventing Burnout Peter Hosking SJ reflects on the pattern of tiredness that many social activists experience.

Results A non-profit organization that is dedicated to facilitating the work of individuals and organizations working towards justice, human rights, a sustainable environment, and eradicating the worst aspects of poverty.

Citizen Lobbying: The State Of The Art An interview with Sam Harris, by Carla Cole.

Fifty Ways To Get Political By the editors of IN CONTEXT.

WebActive What's new in activism online. is a service of Capitol Advantage and Knowlegis, LLC; private, non-partisan companies that specialize in facilitating civic participation

Kids Care Clubs Kids Care Clubs™ help kids, families and schools find fun ways to heal their world.

Political Activism A number of links to places that will help you become active

Contacting the Senate

Progressive Secretary Would you like a cooperative way to get your voice heard in Washington? It's free! Progressive Secretary sends out progressive email letters to Congress, the President, and other officials on peace, ecology, civil rights and other issues. The letters are suggested by participants in the cooperative and are sent to you as a proposal. If you tell us to "send", then the letters are sent to your Congress people and others noted in the proposal over your signature and return address. A report is sent to you. If you like, you can send the letters yourself. Letters are not sent without your specific OK.

HandsNet A national, nonprofit organization that promotes information sharing, cross-sector collaboration and advocacy among individuals and organizations working on a broad range of public interest issues.

20/20 Vision Get involved and get results. If you care about having safe drinking water, reducing wasteful weapons systems, and want to make a difference for the planet, but don't have a lot of time, see what we have to offer!

Act To help protect rain forests, courtesy of the Rainforest Action Network.

The Free Range Activism Website

Activism Alerts Dozens of links for environmental activism. Activists' Center for Training In Organizing and Networking.

International Action Center Founded in 1992 by Ramsey Clark et al. Information, activism, and resistance to U.S. militarism, war, and corporate greed, linking with struggles against racism and oppression within the United States.

School of the Americas Watch SOA Watch is an independent organization that seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas through vigils and fasts, demonstrations and nonviolent protest, as well as media and legislative work.

Grassroots is a 501c3 that is looking to change the world slowly but surely via the Internet at local, national, and international levels. We serve other non-profits and information consumers worldwide and provide free Internet business services to charities, including full-featured web hosting and email services

The Virtual Activist 2.0 A Training Course developed by Audrie Krause, Michael Stein, Judi Clark, Theresa Chen, Jasmine Li, Josh Dimon, Jennifer Kanouse, and Jill Herschman

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