The Testimony of Icons By Davor Džalto in Studia Theologica, 2009

Icon Gazing Podcast of presentation by Eastern Orthodox theologian and Scripture scholar Nicolae Roddy, 2007

Icons, Law, and Life By Richard Stith, Valparaiso University School of Law, at the "Epiphanies of Beauty" Conference in the Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame, 2004

St. Andrei Rublev Icons Five icons by William Hart McNichols, SJ -- St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Our Lady of the Way, the Black Madonna, Mother of God, Light in All Darkness, and Mother of God of Magadan.

Orthodox Icons

Icons of the Saris Museum at Bardejov

Novgorod Icon Gallery

Ukrainian Icon Gallery

The passions of Christ: A journey through Byzantine art

Online Icons

Icons of Macedonia A large and beautiful collection of early icons from the 11th-16th century. Many of the icons have been damaged and some of them have been carefully restored. Mainly museum pieces of fine images enlargements. Elaborate description and information. Comprehensive article about" the history of the icon" in Macedonia

Ethiopian Icons Small collection of Ethiopian Icons. Two sections: 1) "Faith" contains the exhibition of the icons and 2) "Science", where one can see a treatment case study. (National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution)

Russian Icons From the Russian Icons permanently exhibited since 1999 in the Galleries of Leoni Montanari Palace in Italy

Icons in Polish Collections

Portable Icons From Mount Athos in Greece

The Icon Gallery From Holy Virgin Mary Church in Los Angeles

Iconograms Send icon cards via the internet

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