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Brothers and Sisters to Us U.S. Catholic Bishops 1979 Pastoral Letter on Racism

The Benefits of Church Involvement for African-Americans By Cassandra Chaney, Louisiana State University, in Journal of Religion and Society, 2008

God and Black Suffering: Calling the Oppressors to Account By James H Cone in Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2008

James Healy The first African-American bishop in the United States. From the webpage of the city of Burlington, NJ, 2007

Patrick Healy The first African-American president of a predominantly white university. From the webpage of the city of Burlington, NJ, 2007

Who Was Patrick Healy? The first African-American to head a university (Georgetown)

Black and Catholic in America An interview with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, January 16, 2007

"Strange Fruit": Black Suffering/White Revelation By Christopher Pramuk in Theological Studies, June 2006

The Abolition of the Slave Trade:Christian Conscience and Political Action By John Coffey in Cambridge Papers, June 2006

Anti-Catholicism, Anti-Protestantism, and Race in Civil Rights Era Alabama and Georgia By Andrew S. Moore, Assistant Professor of History, Saint Anselm College, in Journal of Southern Religion, December 2005

War, Religion, and White Supremacy in Comparative Perspective: South Africa and the American South By Retief Müller, University of Pretoria, in Verbum et Ecclesia, 2004

What Black Catholics Have Offered the Church By Cyprian Davis, OSB in In All Things, 2004

For What Shall We Repent? Reflections on the American Bishops, Their Teaching, and Slavery in the United States, 1839-1861 By Joseph E. Capizzi in Theological Studies, December 2004

Remembering Rosa Parks: Recognizing a Contemporary Prophetic Act By Randall K. Bush in Theological Studies, December 2004

Fight Against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights By Leonard Rogoff, Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina, in Journal of Southern Religion, November 2003

Original Dishonor: Noah's Curse and the Southern Defense of Slavery By Stephen R. Haynes, Rhodes College, in The Journal of Southern Religion, February 2000

The Southern Rite of Human Sacrifice By Donald G. Mathews, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in Journal of Southern Religion, August 2000

Tradition and the Traditions of African American Catholicism By M. Shawn Copeland in Theological Studies, December 2000

Theology of Slavery: Western Theology's Role in the Development and Propogation of Slavery By Scott Foutz in Quodlibet Journal, January 2000

Black & American: What Does It Mean? By Clifford Thompson in Commonweal, Feb 13, 1998

The Idol of White Supremacy: Blocking the Prayers of the Church By Eugene F. Rivers III in Sojourners, March-April 1997

As Long as You Think You're White, There's No Hope for You By Bob Hulteen in Sojourners, March-April 1997

African Culture, African Intellectuals and the White Academy in South Africa By Tinyiko Sam Maluleke in Religion & Theology, 1996

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka: 40 Years Later By Samuel Harvey, Jr., Dr. Floretta Dukes McKenzie, and Roger Wilkins, Woodstock Report, June 1993

You Have Created Me Black By Eve Pitts in The Way, 1988

You Have Created Me Black By Elaine Foster in The Way, 1988

You Have Created Me Black By Hansa Shah in The Way, 1988

You Have Created Me Black By Victoria Merriman-Johnson in The Way, 1988

You Have Created Me Black By Gwen Caesar in The Way, 1988

Theology Today, Volume 38, July 1981 Contains these articles: "The Religion of Antiblackness" by Joseph R. Washington, Jr., "The Churches and the Future of Racism" by Donald W. Shriver, Jr.; "Countee Cullen's 'The Black Christ'" by James H. Smylie, "Religious Freedom and Native Americans" by John Dart; "Banning Black Theology in South Africa" by Allan A. Boesak

Black Experience and the Bible By Robert A. Bennett in Theology Today, 1971

The Black Experience and Black Religion By Preston N. Williams in Theology Today, 1969

Are American Negro Churches Christian? By Joseph R. Washington, Jr, in Theology Today, 1963

Catholic African World Network Produces programming that shares with the entire Roman Catholic Church the gifts of Black culture, and to promote Catholicism in the Black community throughout the world

National Black Catholic Congress We commit ourselves to establishing an agenda for the evangelization of African Americans; and to improve the spiritual, mental, and physical conditions of African Americans, thereby committing ourselves to the freedom and growth of African Americans as full participants in church and society

Subcommittee on African American Affairs Of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Project Reach Out Racism continues to be the major barrier to authentic evangelization that is open to and affirming of the Black experience. Project Reach Out focuses on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the churched and unchurched people of the Black Community

Holy Angels Church An African American Catholic Community in Chicago. Site includes pages on Black Catholics, Black Christianity, Black Popes, African Saints, The African-American Diaspora, African-American Bishops, African and African-American Churches On-Line, The Catholic Church in Africa, 2000 Years of Christianity in AFRICA, African Cardinals

Martyrs for Humanity Holy Angels Church, an African-American Catholic Church, promulgates a Declaration of Belief Proclamation, Martyrs for Humanity, for those individuals whose tireless work and effort throughout history has been for the benefit of humanity and in particular for the benefit of people of African, African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and Central and South American African heritage, generally at the cost of their lives. While not a canonization rite accompanied by the traditional Roman Catholic veneration and invocation, it is our sincere Declaration of Belief Proclamation that these individuals lives work was God's work and that they died in God's Divine Grace. Their souls are in Heaven with God

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