Business Ethics

Ethics in Advertising From the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

Management Matters By Peter Knott SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, September 2008

Environmental Economics and Business Ethics: Ends by Themselves or Instruments of Profit? By Dr. Árpád Baranyi, 2007

The "Good Company," Rhetoric or Reality? Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Redux By Edwin Epstein, University of California, Berkeley, July 2006

Christian Attitude in Business By J M Vorster in Verbum et Ecclesia, 2006

Our City is Your City or Your City is Our City? By Rev. Francis McHugh, October 2006

Doing Business and Doing Good: The Role of Business Ethics By Seamus Murphy, SJ of the Jesuit Centre for Faith & Justice, April 2006

Business Ethics in the Dim Light of Uncertain Science By Richard P. Mullin, Professor Emeritus, in Wheeling Jesuit University's Cardinal Perspectives, Spring 2002

The Ethical Boundaries Of Business: Questions Of Integrity By Pravasan Pillay, 2001

Business Ethics and Catholic Identity: The Nike Contract with St. John's By John R.Wilcox in Catholic Practice, January 1999

An Approach to Business Ethics: Fact-based Value for Fair Trade By Charn Mayot, 1999

The Place of Ethics in the Business World By Dagmar Smreková, 1999

The Role of Corporate Ethics in a Market Economy and Civil Society By Georges Enderle, 1997

Two Insights for Business Ethics By Douglas B. Rasmussen, Professor of Philosophy at St. John's University in New York City, in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, May 1995

Business Ethics and the Pastoral Task By Ronald Preston in The Way, 1993

Business Morality: People and Profit By Peter Vardy in The Way, 1992

Teaching Business Ethics in an Environment of Mistrust By Tibor R. Machan, Auburn University, in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, August 1991

The Ethics of Business Corporations: A Possible Lutheran Contribution By Stewart W. Herman, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, in Word & World, 1990

The Ethics of Business By John P. Langan in Theological Studies, March 1990

The Business Executive as a Facilitator of Moral Development By Richard P. Mullin, Professor Emeritus, in the Wheeling Jesuit University's Annual, Spring 1986

Christian Formation For Corporate Life By Oliver F. Williams, C.S.C. in Theology Today, 1979

The Polygraph in Business and Industry By Richard A. McCormick in Theological Studies, September 1966

Considerations for a Global Business Ethics Framework By Paul Ostasiewski, Assistant Professor of Marketing/Management, Wheeling Jesuit University

Woodstock Business Conference In addition to information on the conference, you can find articles such as "Affirming the Relevance of Religious Faith to Business Practice," "Spirituality in the Workplace," and "Faith and Values at Work: A Seminar in Spiritual and Ethical Integration for Managers and Executives."

Institute for Business & Professional Ethics at DePaul University

Business Codes of Ethics

Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Climate A statement of the Woodstock Theological Center

Ethical Considerations in Corporate Takeovers A statement of the Woodstock Theological Center

Business Ethics A compilation of links prepared and rated by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University

Institute of Business Ethics UK-based organization which emphasizes the essentially ethical nature of wealth creation, to encourage the highest standards of behaviour by companies and to publicise the best ethical practices

Corporate Social Responsibility Europe Our mission is to help companies achieve profitability, sustainable growth and human progress by placing Corporate Social Responsibility in the mainstream of business practice

Emerson Ethics Center Publications Business ethics cases from the Emerson Ethics Center at Saint Louis University

Business Ethics Resources Courtesy of EthicsWeb

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