Decree on the Instruments of Social Communication Vatican II

World Communications Day Messages Pope Benedict XVI

World Communications Day Messages Pope John Paul II

World Communications Day Messages Pope Paul VI

Miranda Prorsus Pope Pius XII: On the Communications Field, 1957

Pontifical Council for Social Communications Site includes a number of documents, including The Church and Internet, Ethics in Internet, Ethics in Communications, Ethics in advertising, and Criteria for ecumenical and inter-religious cooperation in communications

Loh I-to as Bridge-Builder: Communication and communion in the Asia Paci?c By Michael Nai-Chiu Poon. Scroll to page 54. Theologia, a publication of the Orthodox Theology Faculty from “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, January-March 2012

Social Communication: Vatican II and the Australian Church Fr Brian Lucas in Australian eJournal of Theology, August 2012

The Writer's Speech By Frank Cottrell Boyce in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the British Jesuits, February 2011

Pope's Guide to Social Networking By Andrew Hamilton in Eureka Street, February 2011

Backpack Journalism and The Global Church Podcast of presentation by John O'Keefe and Wendy Wright, 2011

'Blessed be the Net?' - A Roman Perspective on the Problems of New Communications: Part one By Federico Lombardi SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, May 2009
'Blessed be the Net?' - A Roman Perspective on the Problems of New Communications: Part two By Federico Lombardi SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, May 2009

The Jesuit Ministry of Publishing, Overview of Guidelines and Praxis By Robert J. Kaslyn, SJ, in Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits, Autumn 2008

Values for the Media -- Part One By James Hanvey SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, September 2008
Values for the Media -- Part Two By James Hanvey SJ in Thinking Faith: The Online Journal of the English Jesuits, September 2008

Eternal Profit: The Practicality of Catholic Teaching on Social Communications By Richard Cain, Wheeling Jesuit University, in The Catholic Social Science Review, 2006

The Role of Mass Media in forming a Culture of Solidarity and Tolerance By Dr. Judit Juhasz, Director,Media Office, Hungarian Episcopal Conference, July 2003

Social Communications to Media By Peter Malone MSC in Compass: A Review of Topical Theology, Spring 2002

Catholic Publishing in the People's Republic of China at the Turn of the Millennium By Roderick O'Brien in East Asian Pastoral Review, 2001

Civility in Media 2000 Statement of the U.S. Catholic Bishops

Catholics in the World of Mass Media By Avery Dulles, SJ. Scroll to page 15. Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly, Summer 1999

Statement on the 'Information Highway' This statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops' was prepared for public hearings in Ottawa and presented to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission in March 1995

Religion and the News Media: A Theologian Reflects By Avery Dulles, SJ, in America, October 1994

The Mass Media as the New Cathedral By Wesley Carr in The Way, 1991

The Mass Media as the New Cathedral By Wesley Carr in The Way, 1991

The New Communications Emerging in the Church By Robert A. White in The Way, 1986

Communication, Cultural Form and Theology By Paul A. Soukup in The Way, 1986

Planning a Comprehensive Approach to Communication Apostolates By John E. O'Brien in The Way, 1986

Christian Discernment in a Mass-Media Culture By James McDonnell in The Way, 1986

Audio-Visual Media and Ignatian Spirituality By William Hewett in The Way, 1986

A New Iconography: Communications and Spiritual Experience By Dafydd Miles Board in The Way, 1986

The Spirituality of Media People By Pierre Babin in The Way, 1986

Electronic Communication, Community, Church By Bert Akers, SJ in Spirituality Today, 1983

Ecclesial Cybernetics: Communication in the Church By Patrick Granfield in Theological Studies, December 1968

Catholic Community Television Network CCTN, centered at St. Paul's, Leesburg, Florida, provides the television world with the opportunity to see and experience the way Catholics truly live and celebrate their faith

Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada Find out about Catholic newspapers, magazines, and jounalism in general

Television As a Moral Educator Edmund V. Sullivan, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Some of these sites carry only past issues or selections from past issues, and some give only subscription information

L'Osservatore Romano Weekly edition in English

Vatican Information Service Daily news reports

America A weekly magazine published by Jesuits in the United States

Commonweal A Review of Religion, Politics, and Culture. Edited by Catholic lay people since 1924

National Catholic Reporter Selections from the current issue and more

The Tablet Catholic weekly from the UK

Salt of the Earth The online resource for social justice: message area, legislative alerts, social justice news, organizing aid and self-help, social justice stats and linked resources, and more

U.S. Catholic A monthly forum for lay Catholics, covering issues of concern to Catholics in their everyday lives

Church A quarterly of pastoral theology and ministry, written especially for pastors, parish staff, parish leaders, and diocesan offices and published by the National Pastoral Life Center

Our Sunday Visitor Selections from past issues

St. Anthony Messenger Selections from the current issue as well as from back issues

Every Day Catholic A monthly from the same people that put out the St. Anthony Messenger

The Western Catholic Reporter The largest weekly religious newspaper in Canada, from the Edmonton Archdiocese

The Catholic News The fortnightly paper of the Singapore Archdiocese

Ministry and Liturgy A professional magazine for members of the parish ministry team. It is dedicated to exploring the connection between liturgy and life, unpacking the treasures of the Roman liturgy, and helping ministers use the visual, musical, lively, poetic, and environmental arts to shape liturgies to their local culture

Raven's Bread A quarterly newsletter for hermits and those interested in the eremitical life

Company News, Features, Books, and References from the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) on its ministries, friends, history, and members

JesuitUSA News A service of Company magazine

In All Things A quarterly publication, the Journal intends to inform, analyze and promote action. We will showcase and profile what American Jesuits and their colleagues are engaged in around the country and around the world. We will offer some analyses of key social issues. Finally we will point out good avenues for advocacy and social change

Issues in Ethics A publication of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Current and back issues are online, with articles covering all aspects of morality

Catholic Worker Essays These essays represent social analysis and commentary on our world from within a Catholic Worker perspective

The Franciscan Archive Geared to those insterested in Franciscanism in any aspect of its theological, devotional, historic, artistic, ethical, spiritual character

Woodstock Report Articles from the most recent issue and from past issues

Spirituality for Today An interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age

Compassion Electronic edition of the peace, justice, and spirituality quarterly journal from the Passionists

Review for Religious Through the written word, Review for Religious helps people respond and be faithful to God's universal call to holiness by making available to them the spiritual legacies that flow from the charisms of Catholic consecrated life

The Sword A journal of historical, spiritual and contemporary carmelite issues

Catholic Educators News Online publication edited by Gilles Côté, Religious Education Coordinator of Immaculata Regional High School in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Contents: Lesson Plans, Featured Sites, Bulletin Board,Quotable Quotes, Prayer Nook, Site Updates, A Time To Laugh, Insights, Profiles, Advertizing, Archives

The Augustinian Journey A magazine from the Augustinians

Crisis A Monthly magazine, with older issues online

Catholic Rural Life A Monthly magazine, with older issues online

Click here to listen to news from Vatican Radio

Catholic World News A daily news service

Catholic Media Catholic News, TV & Radio, Magazines & Newspapers, Films

Catholic Communication Network A service of the diocese of Corpus Christi

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