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Theology Library In case you're coming in from the outside, don't miss this one

Theological Studies Resources Excellent collection prepared by the Department of Theological Studies Loyola Marymount University. Topics: General & Catholic Resources, Bible & Scripture, History of Christianity, Liturgy & Sacraments, Moral Theology & Social Ethics, Pastoral Theology, Spirituality & Prayer, Systematic Theology, World Religions

Resources for Catholic Educators Don't be misled by the title. This is a wonderful collection of sites gathered by Gilles C˘tÚ, Religious Education Coordinator of Immaculata Regional High School in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Topics include: Apologetics, Art, Articles, Bible Study, Bishops, Books, Catholic Directories, Catholic Organizations, Catholic Rites, Catholic Web Sites, Christian Sites, Christology, Church Documents, Church History, Church News, Cults, Drama and Music, Ecumenism, Family Life, Famous Catholics, History - General, Homily, Humor, Liturgical Seasons, Liturgy, Magazines, Reviews, Journals, Monasticism, Moral Issues, Mystics and Mysticism, Philosophy, Pope John-Paul II, Prayer, Publishers and Suppliers, RCIA, Reference, Religious Communities, Religious Education, Sacraments, Saints, Science and Christianity, Social Justice and Peace, Storytelling, Theology, Videos, Women in the Church, World Religions, Youth Ministry, Unclassified, Vatican, Sites en franšais Joe Cece's site covering different areas of Catholic life and faith. "Each week we bring you the best Internet resources for information regarding Faith Formation, Family Ministry, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Social Outreach, Justice/Peace and Prayer & Reflection."

Catholicism's site covering about 30 different areas.

The Catholic Goldmine Compiled by Chris Miller of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Topics include such things as apparitions, church documents, prayers and devotions, pro-life information, apologetics, Catholic radio, television, organizations/groups, schools, books on-line, bookstores, publishers, businesses, music links, religious art.

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia; Quick Questions; Other Religions; Church Fathers; List of Popes; Summa Theologica; Quizzes & Humor; Miscellaneous; Offsite Links;Tracts.

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi Links to papal statements and documents, the Bible in different languages, news, sources, and art -- Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, Raphael, Vatican museums, and churches from around the world.

Catholic Web Resources A Selective Guide to Catholic Resources on the World Wide Web by John L Gresham MLS PhD, Instructor in Catholic Theology, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary / Paul VI Catechetical Institute, & the Permanent Diaconate Program of the Archdiocese of St. Louis

Catholic Internet Directory Begun by Tim DeRyan and continued now in an effort to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date, classification of sites useful to Catholics

Catholic Pages Dozens and dozens of links to lots of Catholic sites

Mission Net's Catholic Resources Bible Study/Books/Literature/Audio/Video. Catholic Newspapers/newsletter/magazines online. Catholic Information (General). Lay Ministeries. Convents/Monasteries/Religious Orders. Devotional/Prayer/Adoration. Diocese/Parish Connections. Family/Marrige/Pro-life. Mary/Saints/Spiritual/Apparitions. Missions/Ministeries. Music Resources. Pilgrimages. Pope/Vatican. Prison Ministries. Retreats and Conferences. Shrines

Catholic Now A service of Fr. Daniel Adner in Sweden. Your choice of Swedish, English, Spanish or Italian. Theology, teaching of the Church, morals and ethics, books, libraries, literature, liturgy, saints, church history, Christian archeology, ecumenism, religious dialogue

Catholic Information Network (CIN) Apologetics, Around the World, Dioceses, Education, Adult, Education, Primary and Secondary, Espa˝ol (Spanish), History of the Church, Internet Resources, Jubilee 2000 Links, Lent Links, Life Issues, Links, Recent Liturgy Links, Marian Sites, Marriage and Family, Natural Family Planning, Media, Organizations, Parishes, Prayer and Spirituality, Saints, Shrines and Pilgrimages, Social Teaching, Universities, Vocation, Webzines, Youth

Brother Richard's Favorite URLs: Catholic Bible, Christian, general, philosophy, universities

Vatican and Religion related Websites Radio & TV, newspapers, Vatican state, the Pope, the Bible, Churches and orders, archives, religions, theology and education, Vatican exhibit, other sources

Catholic-Net-Links Members of the Catholic Church, Papal Encyclicals, Catholic Saints, Catholic clipart, home schooling, Easter Wallpaper, issues of social justice and much more

EWTN Not really a directory but contains links to a number of Catholic sites and a searchable library of thousands of articles. All material and links consistently conform to Mother Angelica's vision of Catholicism

Nazareth Link Library The Church; Scripture, Tradition, and Magisteirum; Reference; Evangelism, Apologetics, and Catechesis; Christian Worship; Christian Family Life; Christian Books & Media; Christian Link Libraries

Catholic Links Official Roman Catholic Sites. The Various Eastern and Western Churches and Their Rites. Sedevacantist, Traditional, Conservative, Liberal and Radical Groupings of Roman Catholic Priests. Roman Catholic Theology. Roman Catholic Information Services. Non-Roman Catholic Sites. A service of Terrence J. Boyle of Washington, DC

Religious Resources on the Net, from Aphids Communications Catholic doctrine, liturgy and sacraments, Mary, our mother, devotions, human dignity, apostolates, religious groups, secular groups, Catholic education, spiritual places, ecclesiastical organizations, Catholic web, communications, art, commercial Sites

katholieke nieuwsbronnen There are some in English, but it helps to know German

Catholic Links Courtesy of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Arlington, Texas

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