Address to the Members of the Foundation for "Ethics and Economics" Pope John Paul II, May 2001

Address to the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences Pope John Paul II, April 2002

Address to the Sixth Public Session of the Pontifical Academies of Theology and of St. Thomas Aquinas Pope John Paul II, November 2001

Address to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences Pope John Paul II, April 2001

Address to the Members of the Vatican Foundation "Centesimus Annus - Pro Pontifice" Pope John Paul II, May 1998

Globalization: Ethical and Institutional Concerns Proceedings of the Seventh Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, April 2001

The Social Dimensions of Globalization Proceedings of the February 2000 Workshop at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

A Jubilee for Workers: Challenges and Opportunities for the New Millennium Labor Day 2000 message from Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles. Includes thoughts on globalization

The Globe: Up Here and Down Under Column by Francis Cardinal George of Chicago

Bishop Henry's Homily At the Closing Mass at Catholic Conference 2002

Columns by Bishop William F. Murphy
--------The Realities of Globalization
--------The Indispensable Criterion for Globalization
--------Globalization as Invitation
--------Globalization in 2001
--------Some Advantages of Globalization
--------The Challenges of Globalization

Catholic - Muslim Statement on Globalization Article in Zenit

Globalization and Social Justice Article by Joseph Campbell in Catholic Insight, 2001

Church and Globalization: Do We Know the Facts? Article by Joseph Campbell in Catholic Insight, 2001

Bishops: Pastors or Agents of Globalization? Article by Fr. Francesco Pierli in African Scribe

Global Capitalism and Its Challenge For Nonviolence Article by Angi O'Gorman in Catholic Peace Voice

Education for Globalization Article by Paul L. Locatelli, S.J. in America, 2002

Viewing Globalization from the Bottom Article by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI in Western Catholic Reporter, 2000

What is Globalization and How Does Christian Faith Relate to It? Article by Brother David Andrews, CSC

Globalization and the Faith Community's Response Article by Tom Keene, National Council member, Pax Christi, USA

Toward A Globalization of Solidarity A 2001 Pax Christi USA Interim Position Paper On Globalization To Promote Dialogue

Catholic Does Not Stand Aloof From "The World" Article by Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard Law School professor

The Pope on the Downside of Globalization Article by Msgr. George G. Higgins

The Pope and Globalization Article in The Globalist

Globalization Information from Catholic Relief Services

Globalization and the Insights of Catholic Social Teaching Paper by Sam Gregg, Director of the Center for Economic Personalism

Globalization: The Catholic Response A series of articles reporting on statements by the pope and others

Make Globalization User-Friendly Is a Catholic Plea Article by John. L. Allen, Jr, in National Catholic Reporter, 2001

National Governments and Economic Globalization Article by Martin McLaughlin in Center Focus, 1997

The Catholic Church and Globalization Links to talks and articles, collected by Chau T. Phan, Rider University

Globalization and Christianity in the 21st Century Talk by Otto Maduro, Professor of World Christianity, Drew University

Working for a Better Globalization Remarks by Horst Köhler, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, at the Conference on Humanizing the Global Economy sponsored by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, El Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano, and The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC, January 2002

Globalization and Special Identities Article in The Encyclopedia of World History

Motherhood in the Context of Cultural Globalization Paper by Enola G. Aird, Director, The Motherhood Project

Globalization, Civil Society and Religion from a Latin American Standpoint Article by Catalina Romero in Sociology of Religion, 2001

The Plight of the Poor under Globalization By Robert Waldrop, originally distributed through the World Bank e-conference, May 2000

The Globalization Website Debate, organizations, news, people, books, issues, theories glossary

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