Liturgy of the Hours

Apostolic Constitution promulgating the revised book of the Liturgy of the Hours November 1970

General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours February 1971

Introduction to the Theology of the Divine Office By Melkite Catholic Archbishop Joseph Tawil, Eparch Emeritus of Newton, Mass

Introduction to the Book of Hours Extracts from the catalogue of the exhibition Sacred Time: The Book of Hours from the Middle Ages to the Present Day, University of Alberta, 1996 Pray the Liturgy of the Hours every day of the year, beautifully recorded. Invitatory psalm, Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, Daytime Prayer, Evening Prayer, Night Prayer

Universalis: The Liturgy of the Hours Pray the Liturgy of the Hours every day of the year. Provides both text and guide

Liturgy of the Hours Another site for praying the Liturgy of the Hours every day of the year. Provides text in PDF format which can be printed out and prayed in community

Liturgy of the Hours Sister Janet Baxendale, S.C., Executive Secretary of the Liturgical Commission of the Archdiocese of NY and adjunct Professor of Liturgy at St. Joseph's Seminary, NY, offers an outline of the material she presents on a regular basis to her students

An Incentive to Prayer A 1950 address by Cardinal Spellman of New York on the practice of praying the Divine Office

Short Breviaries in 20th Century America Looks at the background and history of each of the short breviaries (and its relationship to the "official" text of the Divine Office), its compiler(s) and perhaps translator(s), its impact on Catholics and others, and its role as part of the larger picture of liturgical renewal and reform in the 20th century

Theology, Prayer and the Divine Office By Gavin D'Costa in The Way, 2007

The Liturgy of the Hours as an Effective Means for Teaching the Book of Psalms By Prof. Kelly Anderson, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Philadelphia

The Breviary By Lucille Poulin in SIDIC Periodical, 1967

Divine Office By Fernand Cabrol in the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911

The Liturgy of the Hours in Our Lives of Prayer By Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha, Nebraska.

The Liturgy of the Hours A general outline along with quotes from church documents

The Ambrosian Liturgy of the Hours Today The Ambrosian rite is used in the Archdiocese of Milan

Opus Dei, or "Work of God" From the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Introduction and Pre-Monastic Office. Early Monastic Office. Divine Office Today. Theology of the Opus Dei. The Eight Daily Prayer Periods. Vigils, the Night Office. Lauds, the Morning Office. The Office of Prime. The Offices of Terce, Sext and None: the Remaining Little Hours. Vespers. Compline. Symbolism of the Various Hours of the Divine Office. The Hymns of the Divine Office. Approach to the Psalms. Relation Between the Liturgy of the Hours and the Holy Eucharist. Harmony of Mind and Voice. Toward a Theology and Spirituality of the Opus Dei. The Opus Dei As Liturgy. The Spirit of the Monastic Office. Spirituality of Communion. Characteristics of a Spirituality of the Divine Office. A Spirituality of Eucharistic (or Thanksgiving) Praise. In the Presence of God. In the Fear of the Lord. Voice and Heart in Harmony. Fountain of Christian Life. Fountain of Piety or Devotion. Fountain of Holiness

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