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"All of us in the Church should broaden the embrace with which we greet
our Hispanic brothers and sisters and deepen our commitment to them."

US Bishops, The Hispanic Presence: Challenge and Commitment

Hispanic Ministry at the Turn of the New Millennium A 1999 Report of the Bishops' Committee on Hispanic Affairs

Contemplation and Action at the Hispanic-American Frontier By Juan Miguel Marin in The Way, 2008

Voz Profetica/Voz Compasiva: The Latino/a Catholic's Contribution to the Church By Jeanette Rodriguez, Professor of Theology at Seattle University, 2006

The Symbolic Realism of U.S. Latino/a Popular Catholicism By Roberto S. Goizueta in Theological Studies, June 2004

A Latino Practical Theology: Mapping the Road Ahead By Allan Figueroa Deck in Theological Studies, June 2004

A Youthful Community: Theological and Ministerial Challenges By Gary Riebe-Estrella in Theological Studies, June 2004

Mestiza Spirituality: Community, Ritual, and Justice By Jeanette Rodriguez in Theological Studies, June 2004

"Burlando al Opresor": Mocking/Tricking the Oppressor: Dreams and Hopes of Hispanas/Latinas and "Mujeristas" By Ada Maria Isasi-Díaz in Theological Studies, June 2004

Imagenes de Dios en el Camino: Retablos, Ex-Votos, Milagritos, Murals By Ana María Pineda in Theological Studies, June 2004

Hispanic Ministry: Challenges and Opportunities Spring 2003 issue of In All Things. Includes: "Hacia el Futuro - Toward the Future in Jesuit Hispanic Ministry" by Rev. William C. Rickle, S.J.; "Pastoring a Diverse Flock" by Rev. Edmundo E. Rodriguez, S.J.; "Hispanics at a Crossroads: The Jesuit Response" by Rev. Gerald Chojnacki, S.J.; "Hispanics at a Crossroads: The Wider Church's Response" by Ronaldo M. Cruz; "Opportunities to Serve a New Community" by Mark Pierotti; "Growing Up Hispanic, Catholic... and Jesuit" by Jim Garcia; "Forming Men and Women for Others in the Formative Years" by Rev. Jack Podsiadlo, S.J.; "Higher Education and Higher Hopes for Hispanics" by Rev. Stephen Privett, S.J.; "Response: Education on Mission -- The Challenges Ahead" by Roberto Suro

Gospel to the Hispanic: Unrecognized Ministry By Dominga Zapata in Women in Ministry: A Sisters' View, National Assembly of Women Religious, Chicago, 1972

CSLR Publications Publications of the Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame. CSLR's publications fall into these topical categories: "Theological Education and the Future of Religious Leadership in the Latino Community"; "The Chicago Latino Congregations Study (CLCS)"; "The Social Impact of Latino-Serving Congregations and Faith-Based Organizations"; "The Role of Religious Identity and Practice on Latino Civic Engagement and Political Views"; and "Religion and Educational Outcomes Among Latinos/as."

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