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Clerical Sexual Abuse Links to sites dealing with this issue

Woodstock Theological Center Business ethics, ecclesiology, and lots more. The table of contents is repetitive but awesome

The Ordination of Women Links to sites dealing with all sides of this issue

Catholic Worker Movement Information about the Catholic Worker Movement, founded by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day in 1933

Center of Concern The COC works with international networks promoting social analysis, theological reflection, policy analysis, political advocacy, research and public education on issues of global development, peace and social justice

National Pastoral Life Center Founded in 1983 with the encouragement of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Center assembles the best of thinking and practice—through its studies, publications, consulting, and conferences—contributing to reflective and effective pastoral ministry

Catholic Extension Catholic Extension raises funds to extend the faith into the poorest and most remote regions of the United States and its territories. With your help, we allocate more than $16 million annually to assist outreach programs, missionary salaries, church building and repair, seminarian education, and disaster relief

Catholic Charities USA The largest private network of social service organizations in the United States works to support families, reduce poverty, and build communities

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Founded in 1833 by six university students in Paris under the patronage of St. Vincent de Paul, today the Society includes almost 900,000 members spread among 46,000 confraternities in 130 countries of five continents. The Society's purpose is to provide direct aid to those who suffer, and to help individuals reduce and even eliminate the causes of their suffering, themselves. Society members use their own resources, sharing not only possessions but the valuable gift of their presence

RENEW International We, the RENEW International Office, are a Community serving ongoing ecclesial renewal within the Catholic Church for all people. We provide the RENEW process of evangelical and spiritual renewal. The process flows out of our conviction that evangelization and spiritual renewal happen best in this age when the parish becomes a community of Small Christian Communities

National Cursillo Center What is Cursillo? Event calendar. Cursillo Connections

International Association of Charities AIC is the oldest lay association of women in the history of volunteerism, dating back to 1617

North American Patristic Society An organization dedicated to the study of the history and theology of early Christianity

Call to Action Information about this independent organization of laity, religious and clergy who believe the Spirit of God is at work in the whole church, not just in its appointed leaders

CatholiCity An Internet Service of the Mary Foundation. Provides web pages, tapes, books, links, chat rooms, and more

The Youth Ministry Network Resources, free stuff, articles, readings, certification, links, and more

KolbeNet Information on apparitions of Mary, Marian centers, Catholic teachings and practices. You can become a member and they will put up a webpage for you

Associated Catholic Cemeteries Archdiocese of Seattle

Opus Dei Official homepage

Opus Dei Unofficial homepage. These pages are intended to be an independent source of information and a collection of links about the Opus Dei sect. It is not meant as an anti-Opus Dei propaganda - both the the positive and negative sides of the organisation will be mentioned. Of course, since they only present themselves in a good light, there is an emphasis on critical points of view

My Life in Opus Dei: Why I Joined & Why I Left By Alvaro Silva in Commonweal, Feb 25, 2005

Knights of Columbus

American Catholic Online St. Anthony Messenger, Saint of the Day, and other services

Knights of Malta

Militia Templi A knight Order with a Christian combative tradition; with reference to knightly virtues; which draws strength from the mysticism and the spirituality of  Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and refers to his writings,   yet neither declares nor claims a false, antihistorical and illegitimate direct descent from the old Order; which has both married and celibate consecrated members; whose purpose is the salvation of the soul  by means of prayer, the holy Sacraments and the spirit of Knighthood; which fully accomplishes its Christian ideals through the service to the Church and to it's neighbour; which in our surrounding materialistic society defends and spreads traditional Christian and human values; which defends and maintains the Latin Liturgical Tradition, the treasure of the Church

Shepherds of Christ Ministries A broad network of activities aimed at helping the spiritual renewal of the Church and the world

Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church Founded in 1980 by lay and clerical Catholics in the wake of Vatican condemnations of such theologians as Edward Schillebeeckx, Jacques Pohier, and Hans Kueng. The Association affirms that there are fundamental rights which are rooted in the humanity and baptism of all Catholics and seeks to put into practice the statement of the 1971 Synod of Bishops that "within the Church, rights must be preserved"

Resurrection House of Prayer A community of prayer in Arkansas

Catholics United for the Faith Greater Cincinnatti and northern Kentucky chapter. "God of all comfort, have mercy on us the afflicted members of Thy Catholic Church"

FutureChurch FutureChurch is a national coalition of parish-based Catholics who seek the full participation of all baptized Catholics in the life of the Church. Inspired by Vatican II, FutureChurch recognizes that Eucharistic Celebration (the Mass) is the core of Roman Catholic worship and sacramental life. FutureChurch advocates that this celebration be available universally and at least weekly to all baptized Catholics

Devotion to the Sacrament of Forgiveness Catholics who offer their prayers, Communions, Confessions, fasting and works of mercy to God for the intention that sinners repent of their sins and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Catholic Pilgrimage Online Website Here you can make a virtual Catholic pilgrimage online without leaving home. Assisi, Fatima, The Holy Land, Lateran, Lourdes, Pilgrimage, Rome, Other Catholic shrines and cathedrals around the world

Shroud of Turin

OnceCatholic.org A site for people who have drifted away from, or have been drive from, the Catholic Church

The Virtual Diocese of Partenia Pope John Paul II moved Jacques Gaillot, then bishop of Evreux, to Partenia, a place covered with sand

Married Priests Web Site Designed to explore issues surrounding mandatory celibacy in the Roman Catholic Church. It also provides support for Catholic clergy who are struggling with mandatory celibacy and the loss of career and identity should they marry

Catholics Speak Out CSO, a project of the Quixote Center, encourages reform in the Roman Catholic Church and adult responsibility for faith. In particular, the project works towards equality and justice within the Church and dialogue between the laity and hierarchy on issues of sexuality, sexual orientation and reproduction

Marian Mothers A network of groups of women who meet for prayer and discussion

Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls Members are dedicated to pray, offer masses, do works of mercy for the intentions of the holy souls, and to recruit more members who will identify with the cause of assisting the holy souls reach their state of perfection so as to be able to enter the Kingdom of God

Franciscan Renewal Center A community of faith though liturgy, retreats, education, counseling, social justice, spiritual direction, meetings & conferences, in the spiritual tradition & hospitality of St. Francis of Assisi

Save Our Sacrament / Reform of Annulment & Respondent Support Network SOS/RoA&RS is a ministry to annulment-Respondents and their children. Until Sheila R. Kennedy wrote the first book in defense for Respondents, these individuals have been invisible victims who have been silent or silenced by the tribunals' annulment process. SOS/RoA&RS offers counseling and factual information to Respondents who wish to defend their marriage sacrament

Neo-Catechumenal Way A loosely organized Catholic renewal and catechetical apostolate founded in 1964 in the Palomeras slums of Madrid by Kiko Arguello, an artist and musician

Landings Landings is a parish-based small group process with a dimension of apostolic outreach. Landings empowers laity to welcome back returning Catholics in a structured process that takes 8 - 10 weeks. A mimistry of the Paulist Fathers

HoseaHouse A place of prayer, hope and healing

Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women

The Community of Sant'Egidio Begun in Rome in 1968, the community is now in more than 70 countries in 4 continents

Catholic Planet Catholic Planet is a theology website operated by Ronald L. Conte Jr., whol identifies himself as a Roman Catholic lay theologian and Bible translator

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