Papal Documents on Saints

St. Francis of Assisi Pope Gregory IX, 1228

St. Bonaventure Pope Sixtus IV, 1482

Saints Cyril and Methodius Pope Leo XIII, 1880

St. Francis of Assisi Pope Leo XIII, 1882

St. Joseph Pope Leo XIII, 1889

Pope St. Gregory the Great Pope Pius X, 1904

Saint Anselm of Aosta Pope Pius X, 1909

Saint Charles Borromeo Pope Pius X, 1910

Saint Francis de Sales Pope Pius XI, 1923

Saint Cyril, Patriarch of Alexander Pope Pius XII, 1944

Saint Benedict Pope Pius XII, 1947

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Pope Pius XII, 1953

Saint Boniface Pope Pius XII, 1954

Pope Saint Pius X Pope Pius XII, 1954

Saint Andrew Bobola Pope Pius XII, 1957

Pope Saint Leo the Great Pope John XXIII, 1961

Saint John Vianney Pope John XXIII, 1963

Saint Augustine Pope John Paul II, 1986

Saint Joseph Pope John Paul II, 1989

Saints Cyril and Methodius Pope John Paul II, 1985

Saint Thomas More Pope John Paul II, 2000

Saint Clare of Assisi Pope John Paul II, 1993

Saint Anthony of Padua Pope John Paul II, 1994

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