Letter to Philemon

Introduction to the Letter to Philemon From the New American Bible

Paul's Letter to Philemon Courtesy of Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

Philemon From the NIV Bible: author, date and place of writing, recipient, background and purpose, approach and structure, and outline

Reading Philemon as Therapeutic Narrative By Pierre J. Jordaan in HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies, 2009

Paul's Confrontation with Class: The Letter to Philemon as Counter-Hegemonic Discourse By Kirk D. Lyons in Cross Currents, Fall 2005

The Chiastic Structure and Meaning of Paul's Letter to Philemon By John Paul Heil in Biblica, 2001

Philemon By Achille Camerlynck in The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911

Homilies on Philemon By Father of the Church St. John Chrysostom

Commentary by St. Thomas Aquinas

Philemon: Introduction, Argument, and Outline By Daniel B. Wallace, professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

The Letter to Philemon By Barry D. Smith of Atlantic Baptist Unniversity

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