Introduction to Proverbs From the New American Bible

Proverbs From the NIV Bible: authors, date, the nature of a proverb, purpose and teaching, literary structure, and outline

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Mishlei - Chapter 1 The full text of Proverbs along with the commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi

On Proverbs From the Commentary of St. Hippolytus on Proverbs

Proverbs iTanakh's collection of links, courtesy of R. Christopher Heard of Milligan College

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Proverbs Newsletter on African Old Testament Scholarship - Issue 6 (May 1999). Contains articles on "A mosadi reading of Prov 31:10-31" by M. Masenya, "Biblical and African wisdom in Proverbs" by F.W. Golka, "African proverbs: CD-ROM" by P.L. Kimilike, and "OT Proverbs studies in the 1990s" by K. Holter

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