LEAP Program

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LEAP into our first-year program for entering freshmen!

As part of the cohesive undergraduate experience, LEAP connects academic learning with life.

Freshmen sign up for one three-credit introductory core course designated as LEAP and connected to other LEAP courses through a common theme. An accompanying one-hour LEAP lab will help further prepare students for academic success in areas of Jesuit mission and identity and personal growth.

With this group of fellow freshmen, faculty and peer mentors, students will experience a sense of community as you learn together and engage with the world outside the classroom.

LEAP Themes

“Justonsibility”: Where Justice and Responsibility Intersect

“Justonsibility”: Where Justice and Responsibility Intersect “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss, The Lorax. If you care about issues such as the climate crisis, poverty, or man’s inhumanity towards man, then take this LEAP! These courses will examine real life situations where responsibility for self merges with responsibility for social justice in the marketplace, environment, and community.

Courses in Theme:  ART 102;  ECO 102;  ENG 190

Going Global

Right now, you might be wearing a shirt made in Indonesia, have a cell phone from China, and drive a car from Japan.  You might walk through the airport in Shanghai and pick up McDonalds or walk through your local grocery and buy sushi.  All of these occurrences are evidence of globalization—the network of world-wide cultural and economic forces that structures our lives.   

                                    Courses in Theme:  ENG 121

The Art of Living

“Will you still love me, will you still need me, when I’m 64?” sang The Beatles.  How will your life turn out?  Did you take the right road?  Come on a journey with literature and philosophy to learn about the meaning of happiness, the choices life brings, the value of friendship, and the meaning of love as you explore “the art of living”. 

Courses in Theme:  ENG 121  PHL 101

Technology & Culture

Technology is changing at warp speed.  Can the progress of human culture, values and self understanding ever hope to keep up? These courses will explore how culture dictates technological advance, and how technology shapes our lives, work, art and thought.

Courses in Theme:  CIS 115

Hero or Zero: You Make a Difference

Heroes are made not born.  Pivotal persons in history have made a difference because of the choices they made.  These courses will focus on individuals (heroes, leaders, celebrities) to help you reflect on the role of the hero in defining or developing human culture.  Engagement with heroes will challenge you to commit to “making a difference.”

Courses in Theme:  PSY 101; THL 101; ENG 121


In Monsters in the Machine, Zakiya Hanafi notes that “a monster can take any form,” just as long as it threatens existing hierarchies and prevailing senses of order.  Monsters are monsters, then, because of their function.  Our courses will explore the intellectual and ideological challenges monsters pose by isolating what we might call the “monster-function” in systems of reasoning and in a variety of popular and artistic media, both visual and written.  We will consider not only how we make monsters but also what the monsters we make reveal about us.

Courses in Theme:  PHL 101;  ENG 190; ENG 121



Gentry Holbert, Director of Library & Information Resource Services
Dr. Jennifer Good, Associate Provost