Why Liberal Arts?

Image of students in Mac Lab

Spring Hill’s Jesuit, liberal arts curriculum prepares all of our students for their lives after graduation, whether they choose to enter the working world or pursue higher education in graduate or professional school.

Our focus on the liberal arts within the Jesuit tradition means Spring Hill graduates are in demand in the job market. They are:

  • Adaptable to meet the constant demands of change
  • Entrepreneurial to take advantage of opportunities wherever they find them
  • Well-rounded thinkers, creators, problem-solvers, communicators and leaders

At Spring Hill College, you’ll be challenged by faculty and other students in an engaging classroom environment to develop a position based on critical thinking and synthesis, defend that position articulately, and write about it persuasively. 

Faculty will help you – one on one – to acquire depth and judgment. As you make connections between subjects, you’ll develop the intellectual agility necessary to succeed in a time of complex, unscripted problems.