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Political Science M m

Bachelor of Science in Political Science

Research American foreign policy. Work with a public defender or district attorney. Study abroad. learn about politics in a different country.

Our rigorous and broad-based program follows the scientific method to study world issues. You’ll gain a solid understanding of both quantitative and qualitative research methodology while honing your critical thinking, analytical reasoning, presentation, and writing skills.

Where We Work

  • Committee on Foreign Affairs, U. S. House of Representatives
  • United States Magistrate Judge, Southern District of Alabama
  • Intelligence Analyst, SRA International
  • Senior Director for Community Affairs, City of Mobile, Ala.
  • Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

  • National Society of High School Scholars, Boston, Ma.
  • Commercial Litigation, Tampa, Fla.
  • Veracity Technologies Inc., Minnetonka, MN
  • Projects with Purpose in New Orleans, La.
  • Axial Human Resources Agency, Prague, Czech Republic
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal School

Badgers in Grad School

  • Tulane University School of Law
  • American University
  • Florida State University
  • George Washington School of Law
  • University of Alabama School of Law
  • University of Florida School of Law
  • University of Mississippi School of Law

  • Mississippi College School of Law


Elizabeth Bullock ’15

Can you express yourself well? Can you eloquently explain what your opponent is saying? Can you connect ideas that have been molded throughout history and filter them through different civilizations? These challenges—and many more—make studying political science at Spring Hill College fascinating and fun.

— Elizabeth Bullock ’15

Eric Vicente ’14

My senior seminar with Dr. Harding was superb. I chose to research cybernetic warfare and its repercussions on the relations between Beijing and Washington. Throughout my time at SHC, I particularly enjoyed studying the finesse of the American legislative processes and the internal politics of our nation’s capital. Every decision made has a ripple effect in a giant machine powered by individual cogs.

— Eric Vicente ’14

Fast Facts

Number of Faculty: 5

Popular Second Majors: Business, Philosophy

Clubs: Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Iota Rho, Student Government Association (SGA), Political Science & International Studies Club, Springhillian Newspaper

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