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Parent and Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

Our office is located on the first floor of the Student Center. We are directly across from the bookstore.

How can I contact your office?

Office Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday

Phone: (251) 380-3028


I have always been very involved in my son/daughter’s academic life. What will this look like at the college level?

Supportive parents are a large factor in student success in college. However, we want to encourage students to develop life skills by contacting our office directly if they have any problems, questions, or concerns. Due to FERPA guidelines, it may also not be possible for our office to discuss the specifics of your student’s situation. If you student decides they would like for you to be able to access all of their records and information, they can sign a FERPA consent form upon arriving to campus.

I am filling out my student’s forms and can’t find their ID number. How can I get it?

We do not encourage parents to fill out students’ forms for them. Instead, we recommend that you are available to help your student answer questions if needed. If you student has lost their Student ID information, they can find this information by logging onto their Residence accounts.

What should I do if my student has a roommate or residence hall issue?

We encourage students to address roommate conflicts or other residential issues themselves. Resident Advisors are trained to help students facilitate conversations and build their resolution skills. As a parent, it is most helpful if you encourage your student to speak with their roommate or to ask a Resident Advisor for guidance. However, if the conflict persists, Area Coordinators are trained and available to assist students with roommate of residence hall issues.

What should my son/daughter do if he/she gets sick?

The Wellness Center, located in Toolen Hall, has regularly scheduled walk-in hours and appointment slots Monday-Friday. If there is a health emergency when the Wellness Center is closed, the Residence Life Staff has an on-call system to respond to emergencies. If the Wellness Center is unavailable, there is also an Urgent Care located directly across the street from our Old Shell Rd entrance.

Are there options for Meals/ Food on Campus other than the Cafeteria?

Einstein’s Bagels, located in Burke Library, offers snacks, coffee, and sandwiches. McKinney’s Grill, located in the Student Center, offers grill items, sandwiches, salads, sushi, and ice cream. Both of these options can be paid for using Badger Bucks or cash/credit cards. Students are also able to use Badger Bucks to order pizza from Pizza Hut.

Is Spring Hill College a safe campus?

The Office of Residence Life and the Spring Hill College Community are committed to providing students with a safe environment that is conducive to personal growth and learning. All residence halls on campus are secure and external doors are locked 24 hours a day. Access to residence halls are restricted to students assigned to each building and authorized personnel. The campus as a whole, also restricts access to non-Spring Hill Students and authorized personnel after 10:00pm, limiting the entrances to campus to a singular access point from the Old Shell Road entrance.

How does my son/daughter do his/her laundry?

Laundry facilities are located in each residential building and always available to students. The cost of laundry is factored into each student’s room and board cost at the beginning of the semester, so students will not need to pay at the time of doing their laundry. We recommend getting your student laundry detergent at move-in so that they are prepared for the semester.

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