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Room and Board Rates

As you prepare to send your student to Spring Hill College or as you are discussing future housing options, please keep in mind the following room and board rates for the 2016-2017 academic year.

If you are the parent of an entering first-year student, please keep in mind that all first year students are required to have an unlimited meal plan and are only able to live in first year only buildings which are all double occupancy.

Room Rates

Double Occupancy
Toolen Hall & Walsh Hall$6,900.00
O’Leary Hall$6,900.00
Viragh Hall$6,900.00
New Hall$7,500.00
Skip’s Place$7,500.00
Skip’s Place (with private bath)$7,900.00
Mobile Hall Super Double (2 interior rooms, private bath)$7,900.00
Single Occupancy
O’Leary Hall$7,200.00
New Hall$8,600.00
Skip’s Place$8,600.00
Mobile Hall (with private bath$9,000.00
Mobile Hall Super Single (2 sets of furniture) (private bath)$9,200.00
Andrews and Rubin$8,900.00
Portier Place Single Apartment$10,600.00
Portier Place Double Room$8,600.00
Portier Place Single Room$9,800.00

Room confirmation/damage deposit (for resident students, payable by June 1) $150.00

Meal Plan Rates

Unlimited Plan (+225 Flex dollars)$6,170.00
15 Meal Plan (15 meals per week + 275 Flex dollars)$5,790.00
10 Meal Plan (10 meals per week + 325 Flex dollars)$5,590.00
Fairway Meal Plan (+ 300 Flex dollars) (Fairway Apartment Residents only)$3,390.00
Commuter 5 (5 meals per week plus $100 Flex dollars)$1,288.00
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