Spring Hill faculty wear many hats. They are teachers, scholars, artists, professionals and active members of the college community. They work with students, peers, and staff in classrooms, studios, laboratories, libraries, and in the field to create experiences that foster the development of the whole person and contribute to a better world. To support them in these endeavors, SHC celebrates their achievements, offers funding for professional development, and provides opportunities to enhance their pedagogy.

Celebration of Faculty Achievements

Recognition and Support of Faculty Work

Foundations for Faculty Teaching

From New Faculty Orientation during their first semester on the Hill through the building of tenure and promotion portfolios to mentoring for leadership and service to the College and community, faculty development programs provide SHC faculty with support and opportunities for growth.

Programming typically begins with pre-semester workshops on topics ranging from Revising the Core Curriculum to Resilient Teaching and Using Digication for tenure and promotion review. The traditional academic year ends with the South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning, which provides opportunities for faculty to present their work and network with their peers from colleges, universities, community colleges, and other institutions in the region. SHC is a co-sponsor of the conference.

In addition to workshops, SHC curates resources on Ignatian Pedagogy, Teaching for Justice and Inclusion, Innovations in Teaching, Learning and Technology, Assessment, and related topics, making them available to all faculty on the Faculty Development and Innovation Canvas site and in the Faculty Development Collection at Burke Library. The New Faculty Academy and Adjunct Faculty Academy sites supplement the main site with targeted resources for those groups.

For more information, contact

Dr. Stephanie Girard

Assistant Provost for Faculty Development and Innovation



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